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Default Need Help with Buttons on Clip Zip

The Clip Zip destroyed my reading experience yesterday afternoon and I
was ready for a refund. I wished wholeheartedly that I had invested the
money in another new Clip+ which except for rewind problem Is PERFECT
for audio books. So far I cannot say that about the Zip.

I loaded a ripped book that had worked perfectly on Clip+, picked up in the
middle of it on the Zip and was thinking what a fine choice I had made.
When I wanted to go back to Settings to set turn off time in sleep I knew

I knew from loading that the right side of the player will take me from
Music to Settings etc. some of the time. When I tried that move the Zip
went back and began searching in the book itself, I lost my place and I
was burned! When I got back on the disk I needed the Zip gave me
this white screen that asked did I want a new start or did I want to resume. Would you believe that command was grayed out and It just
kept going back to the beginning of the CD.
I finally got back almost to
where I was but how I don't know. Why give a resume command if it
doesn't work?

Which button should I have hit to go to settings and stay with my book?
For years SanDisk has given 0 instruction for books and this is no different. Somewhere there should be a tree of the main categories
on the player and the buttons are poorly explained.

What is the Back Button for exactly? I really miss the track info and other
items on the Clip+ for books. Why no home button? I know this is long
but I feel like I've been taken for a $100 for two of these!

Donna in AR
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Have you tried experimenting using the back button, either single or double-clicking it? That may give you some of what you want (I don't have my Clip Zip in front of me to experiment, but have used the back button in this regards before). And I agree, not having home button, after 3 years of having one, is a bit of an adjustment.
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Default Help with Buttons for Audiobooks

Thanks for your answering my rant which is what it is. I do not bow to defeat easily. Yes, I found that the Back button will take me to settings for sleep set and then with a few clicks it will take me back to the book.
Is it a HOME Button in disguise?

The resume button does respond to the up and down buttons but why
would the command be in gray to look as if it would not work.

I just think everything is upside down on this machine and yes I will learn how to use it. We do need the track info, in fact all the book info that is
on the Clip+. Why they threw that out is beyond me!
Thanks again and I'm loading an Overdrive book now with no trouble so
it will be interesting to see how it works.
You know, if Sandisk had fixed Clip+ rewind problem????? Oh Well!
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As I said, I found the Back button a bit confusing (I think just like you) and my fingers just started pressing it in a variety of ways under automatic pilot until I saw that it seemed to do what (we all) want it to do. It, indeed, seems to be a Home button in drag (or an uber-Home button--I'm not sure which).

And ranting about technology and manufacturer "silly" decisions? I'm glad I don't do that (more than every other hour).

SanDisk has shown that it can be responsive, and I'm really hoping that people tell it what needs to be implemented/brought back, at the SanDisk Clip Zip forum.

For me, it's the info. that's missing on the music what's playing screen: the time elapsed/remaining, and the track no./total tracks no. info. I'm guessing that the info. was deleted for aesthetics, but form over function never works for me.

But the nice thing with a new device, with firmware that can be upgraded (as SanDisk has done in the past with the Clip firmware), is that, well, the firmware can be upgraded. I'm hoping it will be, with enhancements of the above type. Let 'em know!

By the way, I read just earlier today that Overdrive works perfectly with the Clip Zip--good luck! I haven't used Overdrive yet, and I'm intrigued (and need to). Audible books don't currently work on the Clip Zip--Audible, apparently, needs to release a Clip Zip device profile plug-in for the Audible manager used to transfer books (and is working on it--hopefully for yet this month?). Score one for the public library!
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On the Clip+, the Home button is the small button to the right and above the regular keypad. The description on page 3 of the Clip+ Manual is "Returns to the Main Menu; press-and-hold to lock or unlock".

On the Clip Zip, the Back button is above and to the left of the regular keypad. The description of the Back button on page 4 of the Clip Zip Users Guide is "Press and Hold to return to the Main Menu; press once to go back".

Since I don't own a Clip Zip, I can't test this.

Good Luck, Steve
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Default Buttons on Clip Zip

Thanks for all the great ideas.

I will write more later about my OverDrive experience and the Home Button
in Drag. What a great name for it--so creative!

I've tried to get back into the SanDisk forums and they won't take my user name as they say it is someone else's since they have never heard of me or my password. Sounds a lot like the buttons on the Clip Zip.

I love this forum and the help that you all give.
Donna in AR
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