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Default Need Help with Buttons on Clip Zip

The Clip Zip destroyed my reading experience yesterday afternoon and I
was ready for a refund. I wished wholeheartedly that I had invested the
money in another new Clip+ which except for rewind problem Is PERFECT
for audio books. So far I cannot say that about the Zip.

I loaded a ripped book that had worked perfectly on Clip+, picked up in the
middle of it on the Zip and was thinking what a fine choice I had made.
When I wanted to go back to Settings to set turn off time in sleep I knew

I knew from loading that the right side of the player will take me from
Music to Settings etc. some of the time. When I tried that move the Zip
went back and began searching in the book itself, I lost my place and I
was burned! When I got back on the disk I needed the Zip gave me
this white screen that asked did I want a new start or did I want to resume. Would you believe that command was grayed out and It just
kept going back to the beginning of the CD.
I finally got back almost to
where I was but how I don't know. Why give a resume command if it
doesn't work?

Which button should I have hit to go to settings and stay with my book?
For years SanDisk has given 0 instruction for books and this is no different. Somewhere there should be a tree of the main categories
on the player and the buttons are poorly explained.

What is the Back Button for exactly? I really miss the track info and other
items on the Clip+ for books. Why no home button? I know this is long
but I feel like I've been taken for a $100 for two of these!

Donna in AR
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