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Default IEB, I just don't understand...

Not a new member, my account seems to be deleted so had to make the same one, I think.

I've tried IEB many times and recently because of the editor's pick bought a pair of Hippo VBs, mainly because of supposedly better bass While the music is clear and louder these are definitely not the best sounding headphones for $80. I simply cannot understand the review or the rave about them now.

For comparison, I tried over and over again against my favorite Koss KSC75 which I stocked up when they were on sale for $3 each. As I said above, aside for being clearer and louder it really doesn't improve much. The bass doesn't even compare to begin talking about it, even with the 3rd level drums. The KSC75 doesn't have a deep bass but it does have a good sounding bass. There isn't enough of everything to justify the $80 for me.

Even my nephew who uses IEB only didn't notice much difference from his cheapo $15 ones. I gave it to him to try out for a few more weeks. Like I said I've never been a huge fan of IEBs and I think my perception might have be entirely different when reading the reviews of them here. The VBs are not faulty, I can say that for sure. If this is the kind of quality I should expect from IEBs I think I will stick to over the ear headphones.

The KSC75 does indeed require the treble tweaking if you want to be able to bare listening to classical or instrumental music. Best headphones I've bought ever and for $3 a piece. The VBs is a major disappointed.

I've tried every which way to make the VB sound better but to no avail. What are your thoughts? Faulty, replace them?

P.S. The post keeps switching to bold for no apparent reason. Very annoying.
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