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Default Noise Isolating Headphones?

Hi, I'm a college-bound student looking to purchase a set of headphones, saw this site and thought I'd just post a quick thread about my search.

Basically, I'm looking for a pair of headphones that is good at isolating the user from noise around him/her. I'm primarily concerned about noise that varies in frequency (like music or talking), not something like an aircraft's engine, so I don't really think noise cancellation headphones will be all that useful for me. The thing is, my searches online for "noise isolating headphones" mostly netted in ear products rather than headsets that cover the entire ear. I have a pair of in ear buds now, they're good at reducing noise, but they feel kind of uncomfortable to me, especially when I have them on overnight so I don't want another pair of those. The few full-ear headsets I found didn't explicitly say they shut out noise, they only hinted at it by saying something like "good at attenuating ambient noise"

I was wondering if someone on his forum could point me in the direction of a full ear product that is really good at just manually shutting out sound (I don't really care about noise cancelltion) and is also decently comfortable for prolonged use. Below I copy pasted the guidlines on this forum for info needed for a good recommendation:

Price Range: No more than $200, preferably less like around $100. The cheaper the better
Type/Design: Full size, ear cupping preferred. I'd like it to be comfortable material that isn't too stuffy (like leather?)
Open Style: Doesn't seem to be the best for isolation.
Closed Style: Seems good except for the fact that it results in "stronger bass" (I prefer highs)
Circumaural: Yes, Preferred
Supra-aural: No thanks
Primary location of use: Primarily used for studying. Should be portable enough to transport easily, but I wont move much with them on.
Preferable SQ or Sound Signature: Balanced or favoring highs
Media: Music, specifically hip hop (Kid Cudi style), classical, rock ... in that order
Source: Laptop primarily, maybe occasionally an ipod nano 5th gen(lol, website title?)

To sum it up, these are the aspects I am most interested in (in order):
Noise Isolation
Sound Quality*

*Also just a note about the sound quality. When I use in ear or ear cupping headphones, the sound always seems to be a bit muffled and sort of "muddy". I think that means too much bass or something, which is why i said I prefer highs (I don't really know what these terms technically mean). I would like my new headset to deliver more crisp sounds, something nice, clean, and detached that doesn't sound like I'm being smothered by the music (if that makes any sense)... I don't really care for a booming bass. Just putting that out there.

I know this is a bit of a long read (hopefully not too dull)
Any advice would be much appreciated.

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