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Default Has my J3 died of depression?

I tried using "Browser" for the first time to play an album and chose John Cale's Music For A New Society for the experiment:

The songs sound as though they were written, examined and then dismantled, Cale removing any linear structure, any obvious melody, any choruses or verses leaving a series of stark sketches giving the listener nothing to hold on to. Desolate, horrifying and by no means easy-listening it has few peers, it is an album of tormented lullabies representing a life in ruins.

Anyway, before it managed open the folder - let alone to play a single track - my (about a month old) J3 went catatonic. The screen is jammed brightly on, but there's no sound and it won't respond to screen touches or button presses.

The songs are mostly about regret and misplaced faith... Tortuous is a good word for it. What I was most interested in was the terror of the moment...but it wasn't made to make people jump out of windows"

Any suggestions?

(And, seriously, Music For A New Society is one of the greatest albums ever made - but only listen to it if you're feeling strong.)
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