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Old 08-19-2011, 08:54 AM
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Default Firmware upgrade fail. HDD recognised by player, but not windows explorer.

I'm not sure how much of the information at the bottom will be relevant, so here are the key points to my current situation:
Samsung HS08YHA 80gb HDD installed in a 30 gb zvm.
Was working briefly, but had error, so formatted.
Firmware upgrade fails and player will only boot in recovery mode.
HDD recognised by player, but not windows explorer.
Player is displayed as a drive in windows explorer, but opening it only gives access to 50 mb storage media.

Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions.

I broke the original hard drive in my zvm 30 gb (Hitachi HTC 426030G5CE00) when a bottle smashed in my bag and soaked everything. I then bought a zvm 60 gb slim (Seagate Lyrion ST18.1) on ebay, which was sold as faulty, but I stupidly assumed that this was a firmware error I could easilly fix. The hard drive was broken. I replaced it with a Samsung HS08YHA 80gb hard drive. I'd bought a replacement battery for my zvm 30 gb before I broke it and hadn't gotten around to fitting it, so I installed this in the zvm 60 gb when I installed the new hard drive and because the battery was actually too large for the case, I damaged the battery connector putting it all back together and although I had loaded the firmware and my music onto it and had it working fine for a few days, it did stop working. I ended up completely snapping the battery connector off of the motherboard when I tried to fix it.
I then installed the Samsung hard drive in my original 30 gb zvm (wish I'd just replaced the hard drive in it instead of buying another broken one first, but oh well). I reloaded the 30 gb firmware without formatting the hard drive first (probably not the best move, but I was impatient) and I managed to get it working after several attempts - the player switched on and went into music library etc. I switched it off and on again and it had ceased to work. I tried reloading firmware and eventually ended up formatting. Now the player will only boot in recovery mode. It can be accessed in windows explorer, but only a 50 mb storage media is recognised. Firmware upgrade fails every time. I have tried putting the hard drive in the 60 gb zvm again and using the charging cable to power it, to load the 60 gb firmware onto it and that doesn't work either. When I open the drive in windows explorer, there are no files or folders, not even hidden. If I format the hard drive again using the player's recovery tool, it recognises the actual size of the hard drive. Just to clarify, the hard drive is currently installed in my 30 gb zvm.

Sorry that was so long, but I thought it sensible to try to give the whole picture. Again, thanks to anyone who can help in any way.
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