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Default Akg k81dj

I basically swapped my Sennheiser HD428s for these so a lot of my impressions will naturally be compared to them. Just got the AKG today so here are some brief impressions. Supplemental entries will follow after about a week or 2.

not bad. I mean, they are really affordable so I didnt expect bullet proof cans. all plastic from what I can tell but with a rubberized coating that makes it feel decent. cable is annoying. mine is long and seems to tangle easily. I can fix that though.

I prefer over the ear instead of on ear but one of my main goals was a compact set for my back pack to be used on the go. the headband is a little tight, but you need that for a good seal. the earpads could be softer but that may happen over time. in general these are more comfortable than my only other experience with on ears, the coby 185, but not as comfy as the HD428.

I pulled the foam inserts out right away so keep that in mind. this is a tooless mod that is supposed to take away some of the dampening and reveal the treble a little more. I might put it back in later just to see the difference. First I played a couple of Ryan Bingham tracks. Acoustic country with a roc flavor. Good exercise for ale vocals and acoustics with a strong drum presence on some tracks. sounded nice and I didn't feel like the bass was overpowering. the sound did seem a bit...flat I guess? no sparkle or whatever. Not that I expected any, thats not what these do. It soudned good though. I only intended to listen to one track and let it keep going. So that was pleasant even if it wasnt enthralling or wowish. Next I queued up Cell Therapy by Goodie Mob. I liek this one because it has a traditional bas thump and also a rolling rumble that a lot of cheap cans dont even pick up. They just register the last part of it. With a good set you hear the whole ramp up and the final thump. LOL...yeah, there was the wow factor. I seriously raised my eyebrows because after how tame it was for Bingham I wasnt expecting that. Most bassy cans dont manage alternate genres well. My xb500 didnt. The bass stomped all over everything without lots of EQing, thats why I got rid of them. But I do miss those cushy pads. man, if the 82dj had pads that soft...I would be exceedingly happy. as it is I am just very happy, which is enough for me.
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