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Default Help! sd card messing up internal memory

My J3 has been acting funny lately. First the folders on the microsd started to not display alphabetically. Now when I put in the microsd I can't play any of the files in the internal memory. I can see them when I browse the folders but when i select one it plays songs from the external microsd. I did quick format and the long format, then reinstalled everything and it does the same thing. All of the songs on the microsd play fine and when I take it out I can play the files on the internal memory fine. Anybody know what could be causing this? I'm using a 32gb sandisk card by the way. thanks
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Before going further, have you guaranteed that your 32GB SanDisk card actually is "legitimate", and not a fake or counterfeit?

It sounds like you've used the recommended Panasonic SD Formatter utility to format both your internal and external storage (i.e. that card), but have you verified that the card itself is real and truly 32GB?

You should absolutely run H2Testw on your card, to confirm or deny that it is a true and genuine 32GB SD card.
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I haven't ran the test but I'm sure its legit. The most I've ever loaded on it is 23gb and it worked fine for months. There are 15gb on it now and the j3 plays it fine. I just can't play songs from the internal memory when the SD card is in.
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There might be some corrupted files that are messing with it, have you tried to format both and restarting. Check your files before you reload and start again if it's not a fake card.

Edit: I would also try re-installing the fw too

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