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Default Clip+ menu layout

A friend of mine gave me a Clip+ 4GB that had a broken screen cable. I tried fixing it, but I don't have the right equipment, or skill, to solder something that small so it ended up being a screenless, but otherwise normal, Clip+. I originally thought I'd pull the battery out and use it in a GPS RC airplane datalogger I was working on but I thought that if it still worked, why not use it?

It powers up into the radio, which works fine. However, I want to use it for music. I want to put it in shuffle mode, playing all songs on the player so I wouldn't have to navigate any more menus after that. However, I don't know how the Clip+ menu is set up. I don't even know the controls and I'm afraid that if I exit the radio I'll never figure out how to get it from there to the music folder.

Which brings me to my question. Does anyone know of a PDF or website explaining the menu layout and navigation system well enough to navigate from the radio to the music menu and set the player on shuffle? Or would someone be willing to walk through the steps for me? It has the most recent firmware version as of about two months ago (Win7 tells me it has v01.02.15A), though I can update it if necessary. I tried installing RockBox on it but for some reason RockBox wouldn't find the Clip+ and I figured maybe it was better to leave it with the stock FW for now.
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