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Default [SOLVED BY ASKER]Screen replacement, final stages

Wow, I haven't been here since I put my fist through the screen of my vision W.

Anyway, I (ok my girlfriend's little brother) broke the screen on my Archos (250GB). I've read up on the methods for replacing the screen and have got up to the part where I no longer have a front panel. I have finaly organised my funds and have decided to buy this.[/URL] went with ebay
After looking up how to replace a screen for the past 2 month the questions that remain are;
1) How do I make sure I have a proper connection between the ribbon and the Mobo?
looked into zif for a replacement HDD for VW, seems simple enough.
2) How do you remove the screen from the front panel?
Brute force and ignorance
3) Does the link I provided come with the digitizer? (both the picture and the description point towards yes, but I want to be sure.)
went with ebay instead.
Are there any pointers people have that I should know?
I have a slight problem with screens...

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