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Default Upgraded firmware to wrong version - doh

I did something stupid. Somehow I downloaded the 2.35 firmware instead of 1.35 (not that I didn't know better; I must have misclicked or been half-asleep or something. It was 3:30am after all...)

So I installed it and not surprisingly my Clip has been acting very strangely, as it is a v1 Clip and shouldn't be running v2 firmware. Why Sansa didn't do a freaking simple check for device version before self-installing a firmware is beyond me. [public int getVersion()? bool isV1()? I mean seriously, how hard would that have been?] Anyway, it WILL play audio files and I can browse my library and stuff, so it's not totally borked, but it definitely has some issues (like powering off might trigger an endless power on/off cycle).

There MUST be some way to force the firmware to be the binary I tell it. The classic "put the file in the root directory" trick isn't working - it uploads, but it doesn't trigger a firmware update.

Does anyone know of a way (any way) to unbrick my clip? I'm fine with advanced developer tools, if it comes to that.


PS: Yeah, that was DUMB!! OK, now that I got that out of the way (twice), constructive responses only please.
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