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Default Complement to Sennheiser HD595

I´m looking for a complement to my current headphones Sennheiser HD595. The phones will be plugged into an ASUS Xonar Essence ST (HTPC) and used for music/movies. The main reason I´m looking for a complement to the HD595 is simply the lack of bass. Something to use when listening to house/dance or simply watching Transformers.

Closed or open doesn´t really matter, I just want them to be comfortable. My current ones really excel in that aspect atleast. But I do want them to sit around the ears, the ones that sit on top of the ears aren´t that great to wear for longer periods in my subjective opinion.

Budget would be from HD595 (I bought them for around 150 euro two years ago and they´re still in that area even now) and up to around 300.

I haven´t gotten especially far yet but I´ve been eyeing (read test listening) the AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD650 atleast. But I´m sure asking in here before buying is a good thing to do. For reference both of these costs around 300 euro here in Sweden.
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