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Default Album art displays but track does not play.

Hello, Just got a J3 32gb 2.23 firmware. After transferring 1297 16bit flac tracks, most of them play OK. but a few display the Album art but the track does not play, you hear an echo of the last note of the previous track or a quick beeping. Now these were all produced using the same software (Roxio Creator 2011 / Audacity / MediaMonkey) and the interesting thing is if I connect the J3 to my computer the files play. I removed the Album art from one of the tracks but it made no difference. Bit weird, thanks for any help.
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Here's a suggestion...

FLAC files are lossless, so you can recreate the original WAV file from any FLAC file. I'd suggest seeing if the problem is in the original encode-to-FLAC by (a) recreating the original WAV format, and then (b) recreate a new FLAC file using an alternative method (which I can guarantee works). Then you can re-copy the new FLAC file to your J3 and see if it plays without problem now.

I recommend using FLAC-Frontend to do both decode-to-WAV-from-FLAC and encode-to-FLAC-from-WAV. FLAC-Frontend will also build most of the FLAC-tag, but in my experience it's not perfect. So I'd recommend using MP3Tag to complete the FLAC-tag, and then you can copy the finished FLAC file over to the J3.

You can use the default FLAC encoding level of 6 for the encoding in FLAC Frontend.

(1) FLAC-Frontend can be obtained from here.

(2) You'll need to download and install the FLAC codec itself, which can be obtained from here.

(3) MP3Tag can be obtained from here.

P.S. - on another note, Cowon has released a new 2.26 version of firmware. You should upgrade the 2.23 firmware on your J3.
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Thanks for your help, i believe I`ve sussed it. These track were from my own vinyl records that I converted to Flac and saved to CD. Because Flac files are larger than MP3 and my players had less memory, I would convert mono singles down to one channel to reduce file size, they played back through both channels just the same. But it seems the J3 does not like that, not a problem now with 32gb + 16gb microSD.

Thanks again
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