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Default Sony NWZA845B short review

Absolutely loving my Sony atm. Only had it for two days so can only give an initial impression.

First of all when I got the box, the packaging looks well cheap. Like some Toy R Us box for some cheap toy. Obviously tho I didn't get it for the packaging and when I took the player out... it looks gorgeous! Super thin, sleek, gorgeous screen and v v well made. Looks every bit as its price.

All the buttons are in the right place and easy to use with lots of plugs and adaptors things came with it.

The menu system seems like ipod's and everything is easy to navigate. It was only after one day of full use then I realise how important it was to have a good menu system after my Clip+ and Cowon C2 experience where it was a mission and a half to navigate through the menu whereas with the Sony I didn't even realise I was using a menu and can pick to play what song I like without it being a chore. It is very responsive and I was sliding through the menu system like knife through butter. Pretty much instantaneous.

The software that came with it is also first rate. You install it on your computer and there is a little Sony box on your desktop that you can just drag and drop your music and video files and it will automatically put it in your player. The transfer is pretty quick and there is auto synch which I have still to use where you can set up a folder on your computer to organise everything and when you plug in your player it automatically synch your files to the file on the computer.

The most important thing tho of course is the SQ. I cant' compare directly with Clip+ and Cowon C2 since I don't have them any more but off the top of my head I would say I easily prefer the Sony to both. I was looking specifically for a warmer sound since my headphone is a bit cold and this player sorted it out whilst the Cowon made it worse. I would say I prefer Sony > Clip+ > C2 in that order tho I might have been biased by the fact that I had low expectation of the Clip+ due to its price and high expectation of the Cowon due to its reputation.

The only problem I had in the beginning was that the music sound further back and the soundstage sounds way smaller. Then I just now I turned off DSEE sound enhance and the music was normal again. The DSEE sound enhance I think boost the bass and instruments and my headphone is already bassy so it overpowered everything making the mids sounds further back. And when I turned off its noise cancellation function, the cramp soundstage was gone. The soundstage still don't sound expansive but just the lush rich sound makes up for it and tickles my emotions in all the right places.

The other problems I have had with it is that it doesn't play FLAC which is what most of my music files are in but I have now nearly converted them all with foobar 2000 and it doesn't play avi which is what most of my vids are in. I have still yet to find a video converter to do it and will make a comment on the vid quality once I done it.

One other thing is that it has skip/cut out music when I am walking around. I am not sure whether it is because my headphone jack is knocked loose or something. I didn't happen often like a few times yesterday and I hope it doesn't develop into a problem. It is kinda a clean skip for a 1/8 of a sec and I'll have to find out what is wrong. I have dropped it a few times already and hope I didn't damage it like my C2.

All in all really happy with this purchase and will buy a case for it soon due to my propensity to drop my players. It was lucky that I am finally happy with this mp3 player or I might have to splash out on the Colorfly C4 then I would not hear the end of it with the abi's anti high end Dap brigade out to get me. lmao.

oh last thing. I had no problem with the volume limiter. I thought I might have to buy a portable amp for it. But I can turn off the AVLS volume limit settings on my player and I bought it from Dixons in UK. Did Sony change their policy after all the complaints? I don't hear music loud anyway so even with the AVLS volume limit on where it caps my volume limit to 19, I listen with 18 indoors. I might have a problem using it outdoors though if it wasn't able to switch it off.
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