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Default Problem With USB Connection of Rockboxed Clip+

My 8GB Clip+ has Rockbox 3.9 installed. Whenever I connect the unit to a PC, it boots up via the Sansa firmware if the Clip+ is turned off. Not only does it do that, but it resets my USB preference from MSC to auto detect (which with my PC means it will set to MTP). If I try to connect with the unit on after a normal Rockbox boot, neither the Clip+ nor my PC seem to recognize each other. The only thing I can do to avoid a reset from MSC mode to auto detect is to boot up the Clip + into Sansa firmware mode and then attach the USB cable.

I would like to be able to connect the USB cable and have it boot into the Rockbox software, or at the worst, have it boot into Sansa firmware but not change my preference for MSC mode.

Any ideas on what to do?

Thanks in advance.
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There's no USB support in Rockbox on the Clip+. It boots to the OF as the default when it connects while turned off.

I've never heard of an attempted USB connection changing the transfer mode from MSC to Autodetect. No idea what might be causing that to happen.
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Not sure when and how it resets your connection mode but I’ve had mine switch from MSC to auto detect every time I did an OF firmware update or when I did a complete reinstall of rockbox. Being aware of this, I would just change the mode back to MSC right after I finished the update and never suffered any issues.

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