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Default Please enlighten me about some D3 annoyances

I had some spare time lately, so I dug somewhat deeper into the D3. Some of its flaws are truly aggravating, and I didn't find any fixes or workarounds, forum searches weren't overly helpful either.
  • The idiotic redundant "slide to unlock" screen: is there a way to disable it? The D3 has a hardware button for lock/hold, having an additional slider is just a further useless step.
  • Video screen contrast is broken, blacks are grey, colors are washed out. The screen is fine for everything else, just not for videos. I tried a few other video players, but either they're washed out too, or they stutter and are unusable.
  • Sleep mode: there is no sleep mode - it just turns the screen off and continues playing music, or drains the battery over night. Power off is not an option, since it takes ages to start up every time. Is there some real sleep mode (like on the J3/S9/C2), or is it plain broken?
  • Tactile buttons: any reason only the volume controls work when the screen is off, but not the Play/Pause and FFWD/REW buttons? I played around with the randomly spread and cryptic options in music and system settings, but couldn't find a fix for that bug.
  • Is it normal the D3 gets more than reasonably warm during operation, and really hot during charging?
  • Anyone knows of a pan/balance app/addon for Android? Not even Rockbox's integrated pan/balance works, unfortunately.
  • Is the main menu clock widget broken for everyone, or just for me? It always displays a wrong date below the huge clock numbers, even if the date is set correctly in the settings.

Thanks for any help.
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