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Page sennheiser hd595 mic modification


I am a new member here from across the pond in the UK.

I am hoping to get some advise based on the forum members expertise in studio equipment, accessories, brand awareness, DIY self builds and good old common sense.

This forum looks very active, so please forgive me if my questions seem noobish

I own a pair of sennheiser hd595s which I use only for gaming on my xbox 360. The soundstage on these are great for providing spatial awareness and they just sound so damn good.

To drive these I use the Astro 2010 Mix Amp which processes dolby virtual surround sound so I get that 5.1 feeling.

I would like to modify these to include a microphone so I can chat to my friends whilst gaming online. This is more a labour of love so I would like
this modification to be professional and sleek as possible.

This modification has been done before, but for weeks I have been getting no replies from my questions (wiring procedures and stuff needed to do the modification) by the chap who does them. Here is his picture album of his work. Looks Great!

Questions to follow:

1. What cables would I need? (Canare, Mogami, Van Damme, Belden, Redco)
2. What mic would I need? (This seems to be one for gaming applications)
3. What Jack and connectors do I need? (In the picture album it looks like Lemo pushpull connectors, Netruik 4 3.5mm 4 Jack Poles)
4. How do I go about the wiring?

In the UK the main retailer to buy accessories are:

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