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Default Adding music to the J3!!!!


I love the J3 but adding music to it is such a pain.

Am I missing something as I don't see a lot of other complaints?

I had a Zune and while the software had its faults at least it had a GUI built for the player for adding content that for the most part worked.

What is there for the J3?

I've tried Media Monkey and WMP. Neither can get the album art right, neither know or tell you what's already on your player when you sync so you can end up with the same album on twice.

Dragging and dropping is great but not when you've got to mess searching for album covers online, saving them and dropping them into folders.

Is there an easier way because I hardly add music because I just can't be bothered with the hassle!?

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I don't know about MediaMonkey, but I know that your issues with WMP will be fixed if you switch transfer mode to MTP. Then, you can see what's on the player already, and tags sync better (IIRC).
- Justin
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I keep my music organised in my folder manually and when there is any changes made I use SyncToy to synchronize my music folder with it. All the new music and even the music I have only modified will then be copied automatically over to the Cowon J3. The best part is that the Cowon J3 actually will register the changes made to the tags/album art and not ignore it like it usually does for me when I simply copy and replace the music on it!
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I take a very basic position on maintaining the music files on my J3. I use a very powerful (but not free) PC program named Beyond Compare (which I use all the time on the PC for many other reasons of comparing folders/files).

In folder/file mode (2 panes), the program makes "syncing" the contents of the two panes trivial (Actions -> synchronize -> mirror to left or mirror to right).

My PC music collection is located on one drive letter, under a parent folder named \MP3. This is identical to the music collection on my J3 located under the \Music folder, except that I've divided it into two parts for the J3 split onto internal storage (for artist folder names starting with A-M) and external storage (for artist folder names starting with N-Z).

So using Beyond Compare, one pane (say the left pane) is navigated to d:\MP3 for my PC music collection, and the other pane (say the right pane) is navigated to v:\Music for internal storage (or y:\Music for external storage) on the J3. I then simply highlight all folders on the right pane (i.e. the J3 storage subset) and the corresponding folders on the left pane (i.e. the PC music collection subset), and do Actions -> Synchronize -> mirror to right.

Mirror to right: Replaces all different items on right, deletes any right-side orphans, and copies any left-side orphans to the right.

And "mirror to left" works the same, but in the other direction.

So, all I have to do is maintain my PC music collection. And then I use Beyond Compare to do an "instant synchronize" to accomplish in one single click the appropriate maintenance on the J3 to match whatever I've done on my PC's equivalent music collection.

Note that I do NOT use imbedded album art in the tags of my music files. I only use the "cover.jpg" approach, with an album art image named "cover.jpg" being placed in each album folder. These JPG files get "synced" to the J3 by Beyond Compare just like any other MP3/FLAC music files and enclosing folders, because that's what "synchronize" means... i.e. "mirror" all folders and files from one pane into the other pane.
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I keep my 50k FLAC collection in MediaMonkey, all properly tagged, including album art. I have set-up the sync macro so that it copies all the music and creates artist/album folders respectively. Also in the process, it saves the album art from the tag as cover.jpg in the respective J3 album folder.

So whenever I want to copy something to J3, I just go in MM, right-click, sync to J3 and that's all!
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