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Default a few things before I buy...

So my Creative Zen 32gb basically exploded this week after 3 years of heavy use, and 7 years as a bit of a Creative fangirl. Currently using my partner's old 4gb V+ but going mad from the lack of things I can put on it!

Looking at the J3 now, as the current Creative offerings combined with their reviews aren't inspiring the greatest amount of confidence in me, whereas this has excellent reviews. Been doing my research but just wanted to check a few things out with you knowledgeable types. They're not necessarily a deal-breaker in my decision, but they'd be nice to know.

Deleting files on the go - can you do it? I really valued this function on my old players - I'm a big audiobook fan, and like being able to delete the chapters as I go along (I have a crappy memory, and it's useful, therefore, in assisting me remembering where I left off, especially if it's in several hundred parts!)

MicroSD - I've been using a non-MicroSD (regular SD?!) with my ZEN (32gb ain't enough for me - I've been using an 8gb card but would probably get a 16gb for this one). With my Zen, I could access the card on my laptop through the player itself as well as by inserting the card into my laptop directly. I know my laptop doesn't have a MicroSD slot, so could I access the card through the player to drag and drop stuff onto it?

Playlists - I know you can't create them on the go, that's fine, I never mastered that on my Zen anyway. But creating them at home, what software do you use? I've been using WinAmp for my Zen lately, after the Creative software went belly-up on that front, so I'm used to how that works - can I use that? (some familiarity would be nice with a different brand!)

Touchscreen - I've never used a touchscreen anything before! Honestly, is it easy for a novice? Would having a stylus help? I'd prefer something with buttons in all honesty (hence I'm a BlackBerry gal instead of HTC and the evil unmentionable other brand!) but touchscreens do seem to be the way forward, and trying to find a player of 32gb and over with great reviews AND buttons is nigh on impossible! Just after some reassurance on this one!

Thanks muchly for any help you can give! It doesn't have to be instant, as I'm unemployed and need to save my pennies before I can get this, but I'd like to know this stuff in advance (especially as I have a job interview next week, I could end up buying this sooner than planned if all goes well!).

Anyway, I've yammered on way too much now!

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