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Default j3 docking station

is there one? where can i get one if there is? will other player docking stations CHARGE my j3? will the j3 fit the new docking stations that you can charge OTHER KINDS of mp4s on, not just an ipod?

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Not that I know of just a USB cord. You can always buy a wall charger.
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i know but i want a docking station
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For the J3 to dock properly onto a docking station ala iPod you'd have to cut the flap off that covers its connector. And anyway, the J3 doesn't have an audio lineout via its connector so what would be the point?
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Look for a docking station that has an auxiliary input to connect external audio devices. Our son has a sony and it came with the 3.5mm to 3.5mm short connection cord which allows him to connect via headphone out. It also came with a little rubber cap for the ipod connector so you can cap it off and it won’t mess with your DAPs connector while in the cradle. The only draw back is that you can’t charge your DAP while in the cradle.

Another solution is to get a boombox, many have aux in and you could charge your player via AC USB connector. I run mine via a JVC Kaboom all the time this way.

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What WalkGood said. AFAIK, docks for the J3 don't exist for the reason selectortone stated.
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I saw some universal cellphone stand on amazon some time ago but cant remmeber the name, but this one looks cool not a dock but it leaves the ports free for you to plug the cables/usb in.

actually I just ordered one for me.
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