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Default If obsolete why are gigabeats so pricey?

After a quick review of prices for s30 and s60s out there for sale ($250+) it seems that either they are not-so-obsolete and in high demand, or they have become some kind of "collector's item" (and pricey because of supply and demand logic). What's up?

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probably collector's item logic...

same thing is happening to the creative zen vision: m, check out the prices on the website, it's almost twice what they were originally worth...

though admittedly it could be that they are still in high demand and that there is no supply...

but still I think it's the collector's item logic rather than not actually being obsolete...
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I think, in the case of Gigabeats, a fact of product quality. In my opinion the Gigabeat is a very complete product.

In my case, I own a Gigabeat F40, and I find it very useful. Really I bought it almost by accident, at a Brandsmart store back in march 2006. Today I still use it, never a problem, and it helps me for work. I use it as an external hard drive where I store all my documents, picture, music, software, and basically anything that I want to store. With its capacity, I barely get out of disk space. Is the perfect companion, and its audio player features have nothing to envy from other "newer" devices. It has no video support, and that's mainly why I am looking for a replace. But really, I'm finding it hard to get a device that beats the Gigabeat I own.

First I was impressed by Microsoft's new Zune 80, but when I got to know that it can't be used as a hard drive, I dropped it. At this moment, I think I would go for Creative's Zen Vision W 60Gb. It has a higher cost, but I'm evaluating it as a possible replacement.
I don't know really why Toshiba stopped developing the Gigabeat products with the functionalities that the series F had.

Please, if anyone has a better idea of replacement, let me know.
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Convert it to Rockbox for video support...
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