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Default Entry level open cans?

So I am about to be a renter again. This means I am going to be using my headphones a good bit more since I have odd hours and don't want to disturb the neighbors in the middle of the night. I am thinking of getting some open cans so that I can get a bit better soundstage but still keep volume levels lower. I have never had a pair, always IEMs and closed cans. I know they can be heard but I wouldn't think it would be as loud for the neighbors as a full out home system. I want decent bass presence for the movies but still have good musicality. I just sold a set of hd428s and I am thinking something along those lines but open and with a longer cable meant for home use. I will be driving them off my Onkyo receiver for the most part. Budget I am unsure about but I will start the hunting int he $100-150 range. Cheaper is always better, but I want something that fits my needs first and foremost. So any suggestions?

maybe the audio technica ath-ad700 or the sennheiser hd555, or 595?

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