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Default Samsung Galaxy Player 50 alternatives as Android PMP

tl;dr: 3 Questions:
How limited are the app stores which are substitutes for the Android market?
What's the general opinion here of the Samsung Galaxy Player 50? It seems to have bad reviews elsewhere
Can you list for me, any other PMPs which run the Android Market?

To begin with, sorry if this thread is annoying. I'm a member of an electronics forum where it's very much frowned upon for people to start threads about which products to buy as soon as they have accounts...

I'm new to the Android scene, looking to get a PMP. Originally, I was thinking of Archos but i'm not sure about the idea of not being given access to the full Android market - seems like i'm paying for something i'm not properly getting. At the moment all fingers seem to be pointing in the direction of the Samsung Galaxy Player 50, but the reviews of it are pretty universally awful.

So, a few questions:
1) How limited exactly are the "app stores" (for lack of a better phrase) which aren't the Android Market? The ones like Ziio space, Archos Market, etc. Should Archos remain written-off on this basis?

2) What is the general opinion of the Samsung Galaxy Player 50? Is it as bad as the reviews say, or are they just rating it badly based on its original price and when compared to a particular popular PMP made by a different *cough*INFERIOR*cough* company? Is it universal that Android PMPs get bad reviews thanks to aforementioned company?

3) Are there any alternatives as PMPs running Android, preferably with the Android market, which I should research? I just need the name and perhaps a little detail and I'll go off and do some reading of my own.

4) Finally -as an afterthought- a word on Flash. If i were to buy a PMP capable of running Flash (as far as I understand the requirement is Android 2.2 or higher?) would I be able to amuse myself with the fun little games at in places with an internet connection?

Thanks for your help, and your politely putting up with a noob like me. Hoping i'll enjoy my stay!
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