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Default [Tutorial] Unbrick the Q2 with the Recovery Tool

/!\ This is a dangerous operation! Even though the tutorial is long, please read carefully every step, every line and every single word!


After the recovery tool for P3, here is the one for the Samsung YP-Q2. It has also been leaked on an Asian forum, that is only why I share it here. As you know, I cannot do that for recovery tools that have not been leaked somewhere else yet, that's too risky for my contacts and me. That's why you can't find a recovery tool for R0 and R1 for example.

The recovery tool is a software that can unbrick a Q2 that cannot boot anymore and that is not recognized by the computer anymore. It can fix all these firmware issues. However, it can't fix an hardware issue.

This software only works with Windows XP. If you're a Linux user, try to use Windows XP as a virtual machine (vbox) but I can't guarantee that will work. It won't work with Windows 7 and XP as virtual machine for example.

-Please don't use it if your Q2 is still covered by a warranty
-Please don't use it if your Q2 is still working
-Like any Samsung recovery tool, it is a dangerous tool that can damage your Q2 if it is not well used! Of course, ABI and I accept no responsibility for potential damages you made while using this tool
-Don't use this tool for any other device. Use if for Samsung Q2 only
-If you are not familiar with these technologies, please don't use this tool.

I give you a tutorial but I don't have time to provide full support in this thread. I don't want to read dozens of posts saying "it doesn't work", "my Q2 is dead now" etc... If the tutorial is not enough for you and you're not sure how to use it, don't use it!!

I'm sorry for the screenshots in French language and for the possible translation mistakes, I don't have an English XP version.


-Make sure the battery of the Q2 is fully charged
-Download the tool here (39MB). Extract the archive on your computer (the password is my nickname), at an easily accessible place (Desktop or Documents for example).
-Download the firmware 1.23 here and extract the archive on your computer.
-You'll need a thin object (such as a pin or straightened paperclip) to press the reset button


1) Connect the Q2 to the computer. Press and hold the user button. Press the reset button once then release the user button. The screen turns black and the device is now recognized by Windows as ROM Recovery

2) Double-click on YP-Q2 Updater.exe. The Q2 screen may turn fully white. Don't worry. The software runs and displays "Initializing..." (I guess that means it formats the NAND)

3) After a while the recovery tool says it's ready. It doesn't display the right "Current Firmware Version" but that's not a problem. The Q2 screen now displays "Recovery". Just click on "Start".

4) After a while a pop-up tells you "Firmware Download is completed". Just click on "OK"

5) Then the recovery tool "unlocks the devices" and displays "Complete". Now you can click on "Close".

6) Go to My Computer. Normally the Q2 is now recognized as an UMS device.

7) Check the recovery tool correctly put the q2-fw.dat file (firmware 1.21) at the root of the Q2.

8) Disconnect the mp3 player, the screen still displays "Recovery". Press on power once, the screen turns off. Press a few seconds on power, the firmware updating process starts. Thus you have to wait a little (1min30 for me) until the player turns off automatically.

9) Once firmware updating is completed, start the player. It is now in firmware 1.21 version. Go to settings>system>pc connection and select MSC then connect the device to the computer.

10) Go to your firmware 1.23 folder and copy & paste the Q2Update.dat file to the root of the Q2

11) Disconnect the Q2 from the computer and repeat the step 8) (the only difference is that this time the device automatically shutdowns after disconnecting)

12) When your power it on, you can check that you are in firmware 1.23 EU (settings>system>about).
Set it again in UMS/MSC (settings>system>PC connection>MSC) and that's it!

Recovery Tool Alternative Download Link
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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