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Default Another Playlist question - autoupdating M3U files

A little background, hopefully not tldr...

It's ironic that I'm posting this here. For the last few years I've been using an iPod Nano G2 - I only purchased it because I discovered the great ml_ipod add-on for Winamp and therefore never had to use iTunes!

I currently have over 2500 M3U playlists in my main database, all organized within an indexing system that would not translate well to a portable device (there are over 350 main folders and more folders nested within each one). With Winamp, transferring playlists to the Nano was simple:

-- Import a few playlists into the Media Library Playlist section.
-- Select one or more playlists and Send To the iPod.
-- ml_ipod would then add a playlist to the iPod with the exact same name, copy over all the MP3s into Apple's weird-ass folder structure and rename them. The playlists still worked flawlessly. When done I would just delete them from the iPod, nothing was ever "synced" back to the main library.

I just got a new Clip+ (now Rockboxed) and am trying to do the same thing using Winamp's Device Manager (since ml_ipod is just for iPods). It's not working, the playlists come across empty. The files get copied over but I have to hunt and peck for them.

So am I out of luck here? Am I doing something wrong? I just want to have a Rockboxed player with a simple elegant solution for copying playlists over. Rebuilding my entire master library is not an option. Any suggestions?

BTW this is an example of the file structure. The second folder is the one that can vary from 0000 to 0350.

Playlist: Aphex Twin -- Selected Ambient Works vol. II.m3u

\zfiles\0247\Aphex Twin\I 01 - Cliffs.mp3
\zfiles\0247\Aphex Twin\II 12 - Matchsticks.mp3

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