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Default Denon AH-C360 review

I discovered the Denon AH-C360 at my favourite electronic store for only 40€ (I had the choice between them and the Sennheiser cx300 II) and I wanted to try something new after my UE SuperFi 4 broke (accidentally threw the bill away).

Those are my first Denons but I am quite impressed so far.

Neodym-Magnet (Ø 9mm) dynamic
16 Ohm
105 dB/mW
Frequency response
5 - 24,000 Hz
0.7m + 0.6m
3,1g (without cable)


At first about the boxing: The phones were in a simple black box where it is not needed to rip the box apart on opening.

Next to the phone was a small carrying bag, a little clip, 3 different sizes of silicon-tips and a little instruction paper.

Build Quality (3.5/5)

The phones have a really good build quality actually (I believe actually the best I have had and I got many earphones). The cable is really thin though. Which means: it should be avoided to pull at the cable. Even at the warranty it says five times (!!!) that pulling at the cable could cause a dysfunction.


Let me begin with the cable itself: what annoys me is the length of the cable. For me the length of the main cable is too short if I carry my player in my pocket. With the extension cord it is way too long. I do not know why Denon has designed it like that.

What I like is that one headphone jack is straight (main cable) and the other one is bended. So it is kind of up to the user if he prefers a straight or bended jack. I prefer the bended one because my last four phones or so had straight jacks and they all got a loose connection there.

The phones itself have a different design as the other usual headphones in this price-range. Usually the phones go straight in the ear but not the Denons. Before the ear piece they are a bit bended so just the ear piece touches the ear. This is good for people who have wearing issues with normal in-ears.

Comfort and Isolation (5/5)

The comfort is quite well. The rubber is softer and a tiny bit smaller than other tips and from the beginning there wasn't any discomfort in wearing them (as I always had when I put UE in for the first time).

The isolation is also pretty good. Compared to UE MetroFi 220 they isolate better and to Sennheiser's CX300 it is pretty much the same. If music is playing on a decent volume you will not hear much from the surroundings. So it is not recommended to wear the phones in cars/bike etc.!

What I really find impressing is that there isn't any “wind-whistles”. Witch other phones I always had some wind sounds when I was out for jogging. Also I could not note any cable sounds as many people complain about this when it comes to in-ears.

Sound (4.5/5)

When I first plugged them into my Fuze+ I was blown away of the bass because I was not used to it anymore. After I played around with the equalizer I noticed that the phones reacted really responsive to the changes.
The overall sound has a warm feeling and is really balanced. Except when you pull up the first string to the top at the equalizer the bass is always noticeable but is never oversteering. The mids and highs are also noticeable. Compared to the SuperFi 4 (which are not really at this price-range) they are a bit weaker but much better as the MetroFi 220.
Compared to Sennheiser's CX 300 they sound slightly better because the sound range seems to be a bit bigger and I like the overall sound a bit more.

Conclusion (4.3/5)

This is really a good deal for price/value. I would really recommend them when you do not want to spend more than 40€ (or $50). I even would put them in front of Sennheiser's CX300 (when only a bit though). The overall sound is fantastic and the build quality seems also good. In my view you only need to keep attention to the cable but I have them for a month now (in a daily use) and I haven't had a problem with it yet.

  • comfort
  • sound
  • price
  • build quality of the phones...
  • ...thin cable
  • without extension cord a bit too short cable...
  • with extension cord way too long
Pictures will follow...

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