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Default Suggestions Thread

I'd like to see these 14 things.

1. Bot fighting or more of bot fighting.
2. More advertising as far as forum.
3. Anythingbutipod T-shirts, Caps, Hoodies.
4. Subscription Updates.
5. New Threads
6. Forum sign on thru the main page comment section.
7. Chat Box in forums.
8. On front page instead of next maybe numerical 1,2,3 would make navigation easier.
9. Top 5 players of 2011 -
10. Top 5 IEMS.
11. Top 5 Headphones.
12. Search on main page.
13. 2011 Amp Section
14. New Users/Thread Usage.
Any others should be posted here.

- Sometimes I go to the members who are active last night I seen a number like 9 members vs. 266 guest. That's a problem.

- Another thing I'm noticing is a mass increase of bots, bots galore making the stupidest threads.

- Colors White,Black,Red,Blue,Orange

- Either it's not updating at all or not when posts are made.

- Same as Subscription this requires to click User Cp then view all subscribed threads this allows for you to find out there updated but not in the regular User Cp.

- Seen this posted somewhere. I would think it would be a good idea instead of typing email then posting anyone could post as another user. Also mentioned.

-Chat box like Iaudiophile.

-On the front page at the bottom there is a simple next it would be much more easy to cross pages with 1,2,3.

-In 2010 there was a top player years but I'm wondering where is the one for 2011.

-Just like the 2010 top ten MP3 there could also be a section for Cans and IEMS.

-On top of making the next button back into 1,2,3,4 numerical the search button which would normally negate going thru the pages is not accurate. Ex. (Shure530) Pulls up nothing.

-Not sure this was there in 2010 I don't remember seeing it in 2009 but a amp section no matter if most players can push Can's past ear shattering.

-New users have been popping up like flies which is good but the make a thread about one topic then make two more threads slightly deviating from the original topic. Seriously?

Any other suggestions???
Some people are just more stupid then others, no no no what I'm talking about is the people always being affected by whats going on around them.

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