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Old 07-09-2011, 08:44 PM
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Default SoundMagic P20 quality/recommendation for cheap, closed, on-ear phones

At work I generally get to listen to music for the whole day, and I've got a pair of Sennheiser HD-201s that have been very good to me for a few years. I wear contact lenses, and on the days that my eyes are too tired for the lenses or I run out, I have to switch back to my glasses. I find the combination of the around-the-ear design of the headphones to be really uncomfortable with the way it presses on the earpieces. I've got a pair of SoundMagic PL-20 in-ears that I like, but they can get a little uncomfortable after 7-8 hours of use.

I'm thinking of getting a pair of super cheap (~$30 max) closed headphones that sit flat on the ears. I'm not too picky on quality, as my audio source is generally either a Rockboxed Clip+ or straight from my laptop's headphone jack (been meaning to get a USB soundcard for some time). I'm considering the SoundMagic P20 headphones since they look to be the style that I want, and because I'm happy with the quality of my PL-20s. I had looked into the similar Audio-Technica ON3/ON300 phones, but I saw a few reviews that spoke of a nearly non-existent low end, which is most definitely what I don't want. My general listening comprises basic rock and a large amount of electronic music, from drone ambient to chiptunes to lighter house. My office is generally pretty quiet, but I prefer closed headphones to open for their natural noise-reducing ability.

Has anyone had any experience with the P20 phones, or can you recommend something similar in my price range that work comfortably while wearing glasses? Thanks.
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