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Default Headphones w/ controls

hi. i was needing some suggestions about headphones in-ear...(over ear as last resort), that had the controls attached (i.e. play, next and volume.) the only ones i see are only compatible for iPods. I have a cowon.

i wanted the wired headphones not blue-tooth.

i'm not to sure which one will work because some say made for iPod and others say -compatible with mp3 players such as iPods (Which i take as the same thing.

I was trying to stay under 100 dollars.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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I don't know about specific individual models or anything about these kind of headphones, but what I do know is that generally when companies say "compatible with iPod!" it's only for the sake of having the word "iPod" on their case. It's simply marketing. Unless it's using the USB port, iPods are pretty much the same as other players.
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I have been told that iphone compatible sets work with most other smartphones so maybe the same logic applies. I have no proof of that, just theorizing.
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The one thing is, I don't believe that the electronic volume, etc. controls will work for non-iPods (at least, with many of them), with "compatible with iPod" phones, where the phones have been designed to work with iPods.
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I believe Mikerman is correct, most one button headsets will work on modern devices, but volume controls may not.
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These do not work with your cowon. They do work as headphones with most players but the controls are only for ipod from what I have read, so I also agree with Mikerman.

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