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Default cheap but impressive cans

I picked up a pair of JVC HA-RX500 cans to take on vacation so I wouldn't mess up my everyday ones with wet head or travel abuse. Got them for $15 at a local Frys (on sale). They are comfortable for me. decent isolation, clamping isnt too harsh. sound is good. they have some bass presence (but what doesnt with a J3?) and dont really do anything terribly. nothing stellar either, but for $15 I am good with not sound atrocious and being comfortable. I highly recommend for $15 and wouldnt oppose at the regular $30 tage. the rx300 at $20 is probably a better value at MSRP though. I got those first and they were OK but the voices all seemed to have almost a slight echo. could have been fit related because these have angled drivers and earpads.
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I have the RX300 and they have very little bass response and have very reassessed everything lol. I have read a lot about the 500/900s on headfi as they were a pretty popular fotm mod set of cans and apparently they are quite good for the price.
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The JVC RX 700 is quite rated as budget cans. Probably the best of that series. I nearly got one as well.
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I've had the HA-S160-B headphones for a few weeks now, they're the best ones I've ever had by far and I've had a lot different brands (Insignia, Phillips, Sony, Bose, etc.). I was amazed by them because they have clearest rich sound and perfect bass to only be $20.
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