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Default Question about External SD Memory

Hey guys, I'm coming into some money soon and I'm in the market for a new player since the dead spots on my Samsung P3 are driving me insane.

I'm currently considering the Cowon X7 (The low-res screen doesn't bother me at all, but the apparent reliability issues are concerning me...) or the J3 (which is why I'm here).

I'd ideally want more than 32GB of space so if I was to purchase a 32GB SD card with the J3 it would about come to the price of a 160GB X7.

But I want to know, does the music on the external card show up in the Artists menu along with the music in the internal memory so I'm not constantly surfing between the two? That'll make my decision a lot easier.

Thanks a lot. Also, any information on each player you think I should know beforehand, please go right ahead. I'll probably be converting my music to V0 MP3 to save space (as I probably won't hear the difference on 95% of my music if I was to use FLAC on a portable decide. I save FLAC for my speaker system). I doubt I'll be watching many videos (if any) on either player so screen quality, provided it's usable, isn't really an issue for me.

Of course, you can recommend me any other player too. Sound quality is everything for me though, and I've heard Cowon are the best in that field.

Thanks in advance.
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