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Default Vsonic GR07 or Ortofon e-Q5?

I really cant make up my mind between the 2 IEMs, any advice or help would be much appreciated.

Unfortunately my Phonak PFE 122 are kinda messed up - the left earbud doesn't work properly after a family member accidentally dropped something on them. I love(d) the sound signature the PFE delivered, its sound quality overall fulfilled my needs and top of that they are extremely comfortable. In case it matters i used the black filters with my Cowon S9 and custom EQ settings.

My search for some IEMs which would sound similar or better than my Phonaks brought me to the Vsonic GR07 and Ortofon e-Q5, the former due to this review:

(sorry i couldn't pinpoint the review)
The only drawback is that they are "Quite sibilant until several hundred hours in" but thats just a short term issue, other than that they seem like great in-earphones.

And the Ortofon e-Q5 due to Martin Sägmüller's detailed review on ABI, which pretty much sold me to the Ortofon. However they are quite a bit more expensive ($248 compared to $155) and on Sägmüller's/dfkt's spreadsheet there lots of "medium" areas which rise doubt.

what are you views on those IEMs? Any experience with either of them?
Thanks in advance.
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