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Default IEMs to go with a Cowon I7

Hi all,

I just broke for the umpteenth time my earphones cord near the jack, it's starting to be annoying.

So, I'm looking for a new pair of IEMs to pair with my Cowon I7, what I need is:

- nice acoustic isolation since I use it mainly on the train/bus
- very good bass. I listen mostly to fusion / progressive, I'm a bassist and I love bass, so this is very important
- good quality overall

Now, I mainly have two options here, one is to go for something on the low end of the price and keep them until they are broken too or spend something more but I need to be certain that they are really sturdy (or have an easily repleceable jack, or something else that works).

Consider that I use them from two to three hours a day, and they are always in a pocket (either jacket or pants).

In the last years I had a nice pair of Audiotechnica earphones (I'm at work now and can't see the model, I will edit the post later) that lasted about a year and a half (I went through two copies of them, the duration is ok I guess), when they broke I used the ones included with the Cowon but lasted like three months (and of course they were not nearly comparable as quality, needless to say) :\

What do you suggest? Am I the only one with this problem?
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Welcome to ABi

You can do yourself a favor and head over here and give people more information to work with. If not you'll get suggestions from $5 to $500. No need to add another post, you can edit the original with the Edit button at the bottom of your first post.

I haven't had a set of headphones go out on me since I learned how to store them properly. I was wrapping them around the DAP which is a almost certain death sentence. Once I started using a loose 4 finger wrap and putting them in an Altoids tin they had a chance to live. None have died on me in a couple of years now.

Like you I had hesitated to step up in quality because everything died in a short period of time. I still don't have super high end IEMs now but I found that spending the additional was worthwhile to improve what I was hearing. If you can find a way to help yours live longer I'd think you'll find the same thing.
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Since you say you love bass you might want look at the Hippo VBs to fill that void, you can search the forum to read about them and there’s a review on the front page under headphone section.

On another note, you might want to look into getting a low cost solder gun and learn how to replace your jacks, in the long run this will save you lots.

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