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Default Zen Xtra parts source?

Hi...just found your site and love the resource as my fingers automagically reject anything with an aPpLe logo or OS.

Anyway, my my loved Zen Xtra Jukebox suffered some sort of failure that is likely just age related as I bought the thing around 9-10yrs ago as I remember.

The display lights up but text no longer displays. So the backlight is working but have no idea if the display itself is shot or the inverter has croaked. I do know the text had been losing contrast for a few years now so I am not surprised this happened.

I've searched for solutions but this is a hardware thing and best to either buy a replacement via eBay or even better repair it myself. I've upgraded the HDD several times, every time I upgraded a laptop drive I moved the larger drive into this leetle workhorse.

I just haven't run a cross a comprehensive vendor for replacement parts. Or is buying a whole device a better option? I figure the power and headphone jacks are pretty fragile by now anyway but short of cracking the case I don't remember if they are hardwired to the main board or not. I guess i could re-solder to a new mainboard but, well whatever works.

Any suggestions on a source for parts? I know I took the long way around to that, hahaha, sorry it's just me being me?!!
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