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Default Looking for new phones, need help.

So I've looked around a bit, and I am not able to find anything worthwhile, seeing as Brand A is loved by some and hated by others, and Brand B is loved by the haters of Brand A and hated by the lovers of Brand A.

Right now I'm rocking a pair of Sony MDR-V700's that I got for Christmas 4 or 5 years ago, and I'm looking to upgrade a bit. The sound quality seems a little flat, with a decent bass end, but everything else feels flat. I'm looking for a decent set of phones (Over ear or IEM's doesn't matter) that are pretty balanced, but still give me good bass. just wondering what my options are and if I could improve very much over what i have now.

Any help is much appreciated. thanks guys.

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Have you look at Head-Fi for the big comparison threads? Lately, the big discussion is around Superlux headphones because they are inexpensive yet sound as good as high ends.


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You will likely find something to like in MEElectronics new lineup of IEM's. They are considered one of the premier boutique brands for audiophiles on a budget. Highly recommended on Head-Fi and everywhere else.
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