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Lightbulb Hints and Tricks

I thought it would be useful if we gather a list of all the good ideas we came up untill now so everyone can access it easily.

First and above all: If you have a problem take a look in the manual! I know it's hard to read stuff if you could just ask someone about it but most of your questions can be answered this way.
  • Recovery Mode
    To enter the recovery mode you have to do the following steps:
    1. Activate "Hold" with the switch on top of the player
    2. Hold the rec-button while you power up
    3. You now should see a message telling you what to do next
  • Reset Database without formatting
    If you have problems with the database (like ghost files) there is no need to format the whole player. Switch the player in MSC-mode (Settings->USB Mode) and connect it to your pc. If you haven't already done so, activate hidden files (here is a guide how to do this). Now go to your Sansa. You should see some new folders there after you activated the hidden files. Go to System\Data\ and delete the Pp5000.dat. After you unplugged the player it should rebuild the complete database.
  • Easy Album Art with MSC
    If you're using MSC and have sorted your music like "\Artist\Album\" or "\Artist - Album\" there is some easy way to add album art for that album. Just copy the .jpg-file you want as the cover in the album-folder and rename it to "Album Art.jpg" or "folder.jpg". Now everytime a track from this folder is played your sansa should show this picture.
Thx to whc for the following:
  • When player is “Freezing”
    If the player freezes, then just hold down the power button for 15 seconds, and the player will turn off.
  • American firmware on European player
    This will give you the possibility to select between normal and high (+10db) volume in "Settings/Volume", this will also give you a radio menu, but is really not of any use at this point.

    The flashing: It is very easy, just replace the two files in the root of the player (version.sdk, VERSION.TXT), with the files attached. Then download the firmware from Sandisk. Run the firmware, and follow the instructions...

    The files you need

    I take no responsibility for this!
  • Create a USB extension charging cable
    If you like me are tired of 1. not to be able to use the player while charging. 2. the player have to constantly be flashing the “connected” animation and with the light constantly on.

    Creating the cable: You need a USB extension cable (I uses a wary small one, about 16cm long). Then you with a knife or some thing you can get a hold of the two middle connectors of the plug (either male or female plug, no need to do this in the both ends, I personally went for the male plug) you can see here that the two middle connectors is data. These connectors you have to break, all the way down to the bottom of the plug. It is wary important! That you make sure that none of the connectors is touching itch other or the plug is self, if it does you can possible damage your player, if not your computers USB port.

    Now you just connect the extension cable to the included cable, and connect it to your USB port, and the player should now only be charging, and you should be able to use the player while charging.

    I take no responsibility for this!
Thx to mrquaid for the following:
  • Scanning through large files
    When you want to scan a long way into a file, instead of pressing down on the search button >> until you get there, or spinning the wheel forever, you can:
    - press the search button >>
    - then slide the hold button
    You can immediately disengage the hold and the player will keep scanning without you having to press the button.
thx to sracer for the following:
  • Changing the filesize of videos created by Sansa Media Converter
    1. Go to the C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Media Converter\Profiles
    2. Make a backup copy of SanDisk_E200_MSC.apr
    3. Open the SanDisk_E200_MSC.apr in Notepad
    4. Find the [OPTIMIZE] section
    5. Locate the VideoBitrate= entry
    6. Change the 70.
    7. Save the file.
    VideoBitrate=100 creates larger files of higher quality, VideoBitrate=0 smallest size of lesser quality. VideoBitrate=0 creates files that are less than 1/2 the size of the default files created with VideoBitrate=70.
  • Modify the interval that video files are split
    1. Go to the C:\Program Files\SanDisk\Sansa Media Converter\Profiles
    2. Make a backup copy of SanDisk_E200_MSC.apr
    3. Open the SanDisk_E200_MSC.apr in Notepad
    4. Find the [TRANSCODE] section
    5. Locate the SplitTime= entry
    6. Change the 600.
    7. Save the file.
    SplitTime= specifies (in seconds) when SME should close the current output file and create another. By default, SME will generate files for every 10 minutes of video footage. (10*60 = 600) Setting SplitTime=3600 will tell SME to split the video for every hour of video footage.
    kwerdenker: please note that the sansa can not play videos longer than the original 10 minutes. this is presumably due to the size of the videobuffer or some sort of firmware problems. we have to see how it works in the future.
thx to Ordered CHAOS for the following:
  • Listen to Music While Charging From Computer USB
Hit the Voice Record button on the side and then plug in your player to the computer USB port. You will notice nothing really happens. Hit Stop Recording and then exit. You will be back in the main screen but yet the battery is showing that it is being recharged. Pretty slick I thought and I was surprised when it I stumbled on it. Thought I would share my findings as I have learned a lot from here.
thx to Tim for the following:
  • Fix Corrupt Folders
Corrupted folders are undeletable and often have weird sizes (4gb, 8gb, etc). They can be fixed for the most part by running chkdsk g: /f at the command prompt, with g: being your sansa drive. This will scan though the disk, fixing any errors it encounters.
Thanks to isansa for the following:
  • "Reward for Return" file

Here's a suggestion for ANY player (Sansa, Creative, etc.).
There are some good people who actually try to return devices if they find them, if only they know to whom to return them. Not everyone wants to metal-etch their beautiful players or scribble their name on them with a Sharpie.

You can keep a voice recording on it with a message such as "Reward for Return. Please contact (name) (phone) (e-mail) (whatever). Thank you."

Depending on your player, you can save it as a song file, too. (Convert file types if necessary.) In that case, you might want to sing, "Reward for Return-urn-urn. Please contact meeeeeee! Doo-wah, doo-wah. ..."

Anyway, it adds to the chance of recovery if found by an honest person who gives a listen.

It is also a potential hidden ID tag if you think someone has taken your player. Just have the cops or judge scroll to your voice ID file and ask the crook to explain how your ID info got there.

Thanks to Kevad for the following:
  • Defragment the player occasionally to keep song load times down.

Thanks to Elmorani for the following:
  • Reading Text files on the Sansa

It's possible to convert txt files to jpeg images with this jpegbook program. That way you can read txt files on the sansa. Once you have downloaded the program, open it and go to edit-->full config. Set the custom resolution to 176x220 for vertical view or 220x176 for landscape view. If you use landscape view(220x176) then you have to rotate the image clockwise in windows explorer (right click the file and select rotate clockwise). When you have created the images drop them to the sansa media converter.

You can make some background images yourself or use the ones that come with the program.

Download link:

Thx to the admins/mods for making this sticky and keeping it clean!
Any comments and/or suggestions are welcome
Cowon iAudio X5 + Sennheiser PMX 60 + SanDisk Sansa e260 + Sennheiser CX 300 = music at its best, anywhere, anytime

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Lightbulb Trick for reduced volume levels

Thanks to the custom EQ, you have the ability to reduce the overall volume level of our beloved player. Not by much, but enough to make it that much more comfortable at lower levels.

Here's the trick: Reduce ALL bands so the lowest is at -12 (minimum) and everything is relative to it.

For example: I like my EQ levels at 4, 1, -1, 1, 0.
-1 is the lowest, so I make everything relative. +5, +2, 0, +2, +1
I subtract 12 from each of these. I now have: -7, -10, -12, -10, -11

Congratulations, minimum just got that much less! So does maximum, but at that volume, does it really matter?

The premise behind this is you're essentially reducing the gain on the player and maintaining your EQ settings. It's a cheat, but it works...
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Default Add pictures without SMC

To save in the format of the player (in Photoshop), simply save the file as a .bmp and when presented with options about the type of .bmp, click "Advanced Modes". Check the "R5 G6 B5", found under the "16 bit" option. Make sure you choose the "Flip Order Option" or the photos will be upside down when you view them.

Additional things I've discovered - you can use any file of any width and height, just as long as it doesn't exceed 1700kb in file size. I tried different sized bitmaps and at some point I got a 1733kb file, which I was able to open the first time I disconnected the player, but not after that - which is kind of strange, but might be an indication that 1700kb is around the maximum file size the player can handle. Thumbnails are automatically shown by the player (resizing the original files, without creating a thumbnail file).

Oh, and something additional. Seems that the 176x224 resolution is well within the Sansa's screen abilities - when I uploaded a bigger bitmap of the same image, the quality was visibly better.
Releasing control art restriction to level one.
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Default Playlist Management

I found the easy way to put music on the player. Using Windows Media Player and having the Sansa in MTP here is what I did.

1. Create individual playlists in WMP
2. Create 1 additional playlist with all the other music you want on the player (this will put all the music on the player that you don't necessarily want in a playlist - or create this playlist by adding additional music plus all of your other playlists - basically a playlist with all the music you want)
3. Using WMP set it up according to the Sansa instructions to include your selected playlists
4. (optional step) If you don't want your all encompassing playlist on the player change the sansa to MSC mode and delete the all encompassing playlist.

Doing it this way through WMP gets to some advantages.
1. You get all your playlists on the player.
2. All your album art will appear as long as it is correct in WMP
3. Syncing through WMP allows the player to not put duplicates of songs if they already exist on the player.
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Lightbulb Play multiple videos in order

if you will name your video files before apploading to sansa like: etc. they will be played one after another in player, just like in a playlist, by the way if shuffle in music settings is turned on it also will work for video files

excuse me my bad english ^_^
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Default Avoid replacing headphone plug

A helpful hint I have adopted for any of my music players over the years. Buy a mini-plug L adaptor or extention plug and leave permenantly plugged in. You can run the cord of the extention under whatever protective case you use for your DAP to secure better. The spring in mini-plug jacks have a tendency to wear out over multiple pluggins and unpluggings. You start to get that "twisting the plug causes static or losing one channel" effect as the spring becomes loose.

It is much easier to just replace your mini-plug adaptor then the mini-plug jack built into the player.
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Default Get rid of lag when skipping songs

I was originally having problems with my e270 when going to the next track, it used to take two or three seconds to respond. But this can be resolved if you organize your MP3s by putting them into folders(for example, I have my mp3s organized by artists). Now you can go to the next track instantly.

I believe that if you're using MSC mode, it's very smart not to just dump all the files onto the root directory -- Simply creating one folder and putting them all in there will greatly improve browsing.

I don't think there's this problem in MTP mode though, but I have WMP automatically make a folder heirarchy.
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Default Hints and Tricks II

Thought I would put together some more tips & tricks for you guys.

But first, like kwerdenker said: ... Take a look at the manual! Its worth the 10 minutes of your life. You can also try checking out the Sansa How-To Videos. They include videos about dragging album art, adding files to MicroSD card, Rhapsody issues and more!!!

And for the record, I DO NOT take responsibility for those of you who can potentially damage your computer, or mess up anywhere along any of these processes

Album Art In WMP10
To have album art be brought onto the player via WMP10 you want to first make sure the player is being detected in MTP mode.
After making sure it is, We want to click on the library tab. While in the library tab we are going to see all of our music listed in here. We can simply Right-Click on the file(s) we want to update and then select "Find Album Info" from the drop down menu that appears after right clicking it.

Assuming you have internet connection and you have allowed WMP to search the internet for album information in the options, it will search for web for the Id3 tags based on three fields; Artist, Album, and Track Name. Once you have put 2/3 of these fields correctly it can find a match for the track(s) we have selected.
Once it finds the albums information, will see a picture of the album. We can click this picture and TA DA, all of the information and album art is put in.

Album Art In WMP11
The album art issue with WMP 11 is expected to be fixed in a firmware update by the end of this year. There is no guarantee of this, but it is the expected time line.

I found a fairly easy way to add album art to the player, assuming all the ID3 tags are correct, and WMP already has the album art for the album. Hightlight all songs for 1 album, right-click and choose Advanced Tag Editor. Go to the Pictures tab and click Add. Right there you should see folder.jpg. Add that, then click OK. Now when you sync songs to the player, the album art should be present. You must have System files unhidden for the jpg files to show up.

MTP Troubleshooting
This document is for all mp3 players with a choice of MSC/MTP mode. If the player will not work correctly in MTP mode, then these steps may help (in no particular order, and not all relevant in every situation):

-If the player is set to Auto Detect, but Windows sees it as a MSC device, here’s what to do: open Device Manager, find the USB Mass Storage Device for the player, right-click on it and choose Update Driver. After that, check if it shows up as an MTP device.

-Try to add the device manually. Plug the player in while it’s set to MTP mode. Open Device Manager, and Add Hardware. Tell it that you have already connected the hardware. In the list, choose “Add a new hardware device” at the bottom. Choose “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list.” Choose Portable Devices, then MTP device.

-Install the WMP 10 patch from the Microsoft website. Go to and search for 902344.

-Try the instructions at the following link (registry hack):

-Rhapsody 4.0 has some helpful files with it (typically in C:\Program Files\Rhapsody) (still working on adding descriptions of what exactly these files do)
-Delete Helix Licenses
-Update Helix Components
-Update Windows Components
(the 2 deleted ones and the update one are all shortcuts which point to rhapdrmclean.exe – 12/02/06)

-Recreate the DRM system folder (only use this step when MTP mode is working, but subscription songs won’t transfer to the player).
1. Open My Computer, go to Tools, Folder Options, View tab, uncheck “Hide protected operating system files.
2. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users and rename the DRM folder to “DRM Old.” (If it will not let you, then close all other programs and try again.)
3. Reboot the computer and restart Rhapsody/Napster. It should generate a new DRM folder.

-Format using Windows Media Player (only works if MTP mode is already showing up, but songs won’t transfer):
Version 10: go to the Sync tab, click on the “format storage media” button.
Version 11: click the down arrow below the Sync tab, Device options, Format

-Install the firmware update if not done already (if there is one for this model).

Player Not Detected In Sansa Media Converter
Thoroughly uninstall Sansa Media Converter and try reinstalling it, first uninstalling it and then cleaning it from the registry in order to get rid of its previous settings.
1. Open the Control Panel > Add/Remove programs > and uninstall “Sansa Media Converter”
2. Click the START menu > click RUN > type “regedit” and click OK
3. Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ArcSoft. It contains the settings for ArcSoft’s Sansa Media Converter.
4. Expand the Arcsoft folder and locate the following folders:
A. Media Card Companion
B. Media Converter
C. Mpeg Codec
5. If the ArcSoft folder contains only the three folders listed above, delete the entire Arcsoft folder. If it contains additional folders, delete only the three listed above.
6. After deleting the registry keys, reinstall Sansa Media Converter and test it with the E200 again.

E200 Pre-Loaded Songs
Alias & Ehren - Cobbelstoned Waltz.mp3
Andrew Paul Woodworth - Starting To Turn.mp3
Chris Clouse - Mona Lisa.mp3-The Music.mp3
Felonious - The Music.mp3
Franc D'Ambrosio - Danny Boy.mp3
Gretchen Lieberum - You Closer.mp3
Heavyweight Dub Champion - Return Of The Champion.mp3
Kevin Carlberg - Morning After.mp3
Loquat - Swingset Chain.mp3
Los Pinguos - Fumaza.mp3
Recliner - Leaving Hollywood.mp3
Stroke 9 - Little Black Backpack.mp3
Stroke 9 - Next Time.mp3
The Caroline Movement - Highway Appeal.mp3
The Jones Gang - Angel.mp3
The Procession - Major & Minor.mp3
The Red Thread - Wax Museum.mp3
The Shanghai Restoration Project. Amos Winbush - Babylon of the Orient.mp3
The Slip - Even Rats.mp3
Umphreys McGee - Women Wine and Song.mp3

Known Issue with "BounceBack" Software
A third party software named BounceBack may be attempting to use the E200 when connected in MSC mode. It also then ejects the device suddenly. BounceBack is a backup utility for picture and music files.
Solution: When a customer describes a problem where the E200 or Rhapsody E200 gets disconnected by the computer suddenly, please follow these steps to end the process initiated by Bounce Back.
1. Press Control + Alt + Del at the same time.
2. Click on the Processes tab
3. Look through the names in the Image Name column for a process named “bblauncher.exe.”
4. Right-click bblauncher.exe and select end task.


By: Steama
Start > Run > type: MSconfig and click on "ok" > select the Startup tab > disable or deselect 'BounceBack Launcher'.

It worked once and for all. The only thing is that now when back-ups aer needed you will have to start the BounceBack software from the Programs menu.

Ways To Update Firmware

1) Download the SANSA FIRMWARE UPDATER from the SanDisk Website and let it do automatic updates for you. Its a wizard with step by step instructions. It should be noted that your player has to be in MSC mode or Recovery mode.
2) Download the latest Firmware files themselves. They consist of an .Mi4 and .Rom, sometimes just the .Mi4. And Manually Drag and Drop them onto the player itself while it is in MSC or Recovery mode.
  • Note On Recovery Mode Procedure
To access Recovery Mode:
-Make sure the player is off (if necessary, hold down the power button for 20 seconds to turn it off)
-Move the hold button to ON (move to the right towards the headphone jack).
-Hold the record button.
-Connect the player to the computer.
-Keep holding the record button till the "new hardware is ready for use" comes up, and then release the record button.

Now you should have a 16MB drive in My Computer. Simply download the 2 attached files, and then put them onto the 16MB drive (via drag-and-drop, or copy-and-paste).

Once that's done, turn off the hold switch, and then unplug the player. Check if the issue is now resolved.

Playlist Limitation

The e200 series mp3 player was currently tested and was found out to have only a limit of 100 playlist at a time. I realize not many people ever hit this limit, but now we at least have the knowledge out there. Still waiting for testing with the E200r

Contact List

SanDisk: 866.726.3475
Rebates: 888.701.7637
Rhapsody: 866.597.5507
MusicMatch: 800.308.4917
Napster: 800.839.4210
  • Europe Support
UK: 44.207.3654.193
Germany: 49.695.0072.840
Portugal: 35.121.4159.093
Italy: 39.026.9682.725
Spain: 34.914.534.311

Hope this helps you guys out. Any comments/Suggestions are welcome. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years to you all
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Default Charge from Xbox360

I just found out that if you have an xbox 360 and do not want to leave your computer on overnight to charge the player, just plug the playe rinto the 360. It will charge even when the 360 is powered off.

The 360 will even play the files from it if you change the music to not be hidden.

The only problem so far id that the 360 does not, to my knowledge, detect the sd card, which could be useful.
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Default Charge from powered USB hub

Also note that if you have a powered USB hub, you don't have to worry about your computer being on overnight (unless you turn off your powered hub, too).. I think most people have powered USB hubs- I could be wrong about that..
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Default Forced formatting

There are three ways to format your Sansa:

1-Format it from windows, if your Sansa can still turn on correctly and be "seen" by your computer.

2-Format it using the recovery mode and an early firmware update (prior to Sandisk auto-updater) .exe file. The program will let you choose wether you want to format or not. This can solve most problems.

3-To "force format" your Sansa, put an empty file named "sansa.fmt" (it's the file name, not it's content, that triggers the formatting) in the 16MB drive in recovery mode, along with the latest ROM and MI4 files. This third way is the only way I found to solve my "perpetual rebooting" problem. I could still access the recovery mode, but when I tried the second procedure, either I still got the perpetual reboot, or the "Loading main image failed" error.
***********Do not format the 16MB drive in recovery mode***********
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Default Change Custom EQ levels

1. Settings, music options, music EQ, scroll to custom & click on it.

2. Second scenario; while you are listening to a song, click sub-menu, scroll to music EQ, scroll to custom. You should be able to figure out the rest.

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Default Listen to Music While Charging From Computer USB

Also to listen to your Sansa while charging with the new firmware, as someone mentioned you can do this by plugging the USB in 1/3rd of the way till you see the charging without the connected symbol. The cool thing is that after waiting a few seconds (around 10 maybe?) you can actually push it in all the way (without pulling it back out) and it will still continue to work. This way you don't even have to worry about the cable being loosely connected.
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Default Save Time During Movie Converting

Converting large movies is time consuming. To save some time, always convert movies while the Sansa is NOT connected to the computer. This way, the converted files are stored on your computer, (usually in "My documents/Sansa media converter") and you can tranfer them by drag and drop on your Sansa later.

Sometimes, errors happens during converting/transfering, and the Sansa media converter doesn't save converted files on your computer if your Sansa is connected to it, so you'l have to spend conversion time again if something goes wrong.

This works for the Arcsoft converter. I don't know about the other one.
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Default Arcsoft Media Converter2

If you want to take Full Advantage of the e200 Series Player then take the original full Software from Arcsoft - the MediaConverter2.
The Sansa converting tool is just a low-budget version of this software.
In the MediaConverter2 profiles you can also manage your own settings by opening the profile-file like it was mentioned here some Replys ago.
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Default Unhide folder.jpg

I use Windows Media Player (WMP) to rip my audio CDs to my hard-drive. During that process if WMP can find a match for that album/CD, it places a file named folder.jpg in the same folder with the .mp3 files, but it is ‘hidden’.

Here’s a trick to unhide the folder.jpg files in any of your album/CD folders in your ‘My Music’ folder.

1. Open the Notepad program (on the Taskbar, click “Start”, “All Programs”, “Accessories”, “Notepad”).

2. Key in the following line of text: attrib -s -h folder.jpg

3. Now save this Notepad file as: “unhide.bat” BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUOTATION MARKS! (“File”, “Save as”, in the 'Save in:' drop-down, choose Desktop”, in the 'File name' box, key in “unhide.bat”)

4. Open your ‘My Music’ folder and find the folder that has the CD you ripped. Open that folder where you should see a list of the .mp3 files for each track you ripped.

5. Drag your ‘unhide’ program from your Desktop to the folder where the .mp3 files are.

6. Double-click your unhide program. (It’ll pop open a window quickly & then disappear.)

7. Give it a second & a file will magically appear named ‘folder.jpg’ (provided it was actually there for you to unhide).

8. Drag your ‘unhide’ program back to your Desktop.

9. Now your can drag the ‘folder.jpg’ to your Sansa player.

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Smile Rename and deleate Playlists without using your media player.

Rename Playlists, and delete "Ghost" playlists without using your PCs media player.
My stuff;
Sansa e260,
Using Winamp (Free Vs.)
This works for me, TRY AT YOUR OWN RISK!
If you haven't already done it, set your PC to show hidden files.

Set the player to "MSC" mode (Settings >USB Mode) and connect it to your pc.

Go to "My Computer", Your Sansa will show up under "Devices with removable storage" and its Micro SD slot will show up as "Removable Disk" (in this way you can use your Micro SD card as a thumb-drive)

Click on your "Sansa e2xx" icon.

Dbl click on "PLAYLISTS" folder.

Here you can rename your Playlists, (right click > Rename) or delete "ghost" playlists.

If you try to modify the playlist files, (ie, add or remove songs) they wont show up on the player, (becoming a "Ghost file") I'm not sure why that is.... (?)

Close everything out.

If the Sansa screen says "Writing" for a long period of time (more then a few minutes) then click on "Safely remove device" in your task-bar, and unplug after the device is "stopped".

You will see "System Restart", then "Refresh Database" (This may take a few minutes)
Sansa e260, firmware 01.02.18A, 4gb + 1Gb SD
Zune 30gb, Software Vs 3.1, Firmware Vs 3.1...Victim Y2K9 Bug.. Grrr.

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Lightbulb Important Addition for Rhapsody Players (e200R series)

On the Rhapsody players, (ie, E250R, etc). you MUST be in Rhapsody mode - not in Plays for Sure mode in order to have access to the system folder.

By default the E250R (2G) has only 800M of free space. To be able to have access to the remaining 1G+ of storage, you have to switch to Rhapsody mode, plug in and format (as FAT, not FAT32).

Took me a while, but I finally got a clue. Hope this helps other Rhapsody owners.
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Default Lithium-Ion batteries

Lithium-Ion batteries in any device never seem to be very accurate with their battery meters. I find with many devices that the meter usually reads a higher charge than what is actually in the battery, when you first turn it on. I only trust the meter if i've had the device on for a while.
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A good point for anyone with the Rhapsody version who has trouble remembering which mode is which.
MSC mode = Rhapsody mode
MTP mode = PlaysForSure mode

It seems a simple point, but can be a little confusing to remember at first.

Also, sometimes the Sansa Media Converter won't "interact" propperly with the player (in other words the Media Converter will recognize the player but it will read as 0 space used and 0 space available and it will not convert/transfer images or videos) if it's set to MSC mode, but if you change the player to MTP mode the Media Converter will work fine, read the player propperly and convert/transfer just fine.
Though in some cases further action may be required to get the Media Converter to work right.
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