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Default flat folding beaters

not going to call this a full review...more of an impression. I am going on vacation and don't really want to take my Senns to the beach. If I left them or ruined them I would be ticked. Plus i kind of want a beater set that folds flat for my laptop bag. I have had a couple of candidates in mind but am finally pulling the trigger to see what I can find. I will stop when I am satisfied. My criteria is simple:
  • decent bass
  • swiveling cups to fold flat in my bag
  • $20
  • preferably local for easy returns

Coby CV185/CV215 - Frys for $15
these are the same cans, but the 215 includes some cheap earbuds. this addresses a different need for me as well...a crappy set of buds to watch videos on my Nook color...which has crappy sound quality. The cobys right out of the box feel cheap but guess what...they are cheap. All plastic construction, cheap cable, pleather earpads. I wont bore you with a bunch of detail on the sound, but lets just say I am satisfied with it. fun, bassy but no noticable distortion at reasonable levels. The fit may make me take them back though. They squeeze the top of my ears against my head. A bit uncomfortable. Going to try for a while longer but probably going back.

rest of the list, if needed...

JVC flats - Frys $20
JVC hax580 - Frys $15
JVC HARX300 - Frys $15

if I ditch the swivel option I found a set of Senn HD201 for $15 at Frys as well
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