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Default Cowon D3, Winamp & Playlist help

Hi, I am really new to this pmp/mp3 player business. I just got my first pmp, a Cowon D3, primarily to listen to music. I cannot seem to get a playlist to work for me. I know the D3 has issues with playlists, and I'm not too impressed with JetAudio, itself. JetAudio is not very intuitive nor documented enough to make it useable to a novice such as myself.

I have been playing with Winamp, and Iíve read on this site where other D3 users have successfully used Winamp on the D3. Iíd appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Iíve learned how to create and manage playlists within Winamp, but I cannot figure out how to get them to play on the D3. I have tried creating and exporting both .pls and .m3U type playlist files to the D3 and Winamp worked very nicely in automatically transferring all of my playlistís associated files to the D3 into the MUSIC folder. What I noticed is that the playlist files, themselves, either the .m3u or .pls, only exist on the D3 until the file transfers are complete and then the playlist files themselves are gone. Iíve noticed after all of my music files are transferred, they exist on the D3 as individual files (tracks or songs) within their respective folders (albums). I assume this is normal for file transfers and I expect that to play these music files, Iíd only need to select and play the playlist file, itself.

What am I failing to do or what am I missing here? I could not find any pertinent info in the Winamp documentation, tutorials or website. Is there some Winamp software that I need to install onto the Cowon D3, like Winamp for Android, or something in order to use Winamp created playlists? Iíd really like to take advantage of Winampís features, such as gapless playback.

Iíd sure appreciate if someone could direct me helpful information or identify necessary steps for me to take to get the Winamp playlists working on my D3. I am a real novice herewith pmpís and player software and could use some help to jumpstart my learning.
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