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Default Swapping out LCD

Hey there, i searched but couldn't really find any answers, so i apologize if this is re-treading old ground.
Anyhow, i got another Zen Vision M from a friend. He had one his Dad got that they never could make work.
I have one that's been on the fritz lately. Weird things, like when i try to turn it off the power switch when held over to turn it off will often switch tracks, and it doesn't stay locked.
All the same, i have the other one that "doesn't work" but has a more blemish free outer.
Anyhow, i plugged it in and tried turning it on, and i was just greeted with a white screen. Since i figured something might be wrong with the HDD i took it apart. I hooked up my hard drive and got the same results. So i decided the screen may be out. I took my screen off and tried hooking it up. I turned it on and got nothing...
So i adjusted it and still got nothing.
So i then put the screen back onto my old one and it was white just like the one i got that was broken.
So i adjusted it a bit on the broken one and the screen showed up a bit, but everything looked white, but i could barely make out the Creative text at the beginning screen.
I turned it off and on and it was white again.
I'm pretty sure everything it hooked up right, but i'm not 100% sure.
I figure if someone else has had an issue with this, they might know. Having not replaced my screen before it's a bit confusing.
I can take pictures if anyone would like.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks everyone.
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