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Default Need to gear up - player and phones

Hello there, my first time on the forums. I found this website a few days ago and I am still shocked with all the information on it. Unfortunatly I can't find the time (nor patience) to read all the reviews, and since I am part of that 99% of consumers that doesn't understand much about the subject I can't filter much from the reviews anyway. Since I want that to change, I ask for your help to make me understand what really good music quality sounds like.

I didn't know where to ask for recommendations on both players and phones, so I decided to post here, but I will use the read before post models for both of them.

  • Use: Daily life, mainly when I am going from home to college or vice-versa (bus) or walking around
  • Type/Design: DAP or pmp (I want to listen to music, video is just a nice to have extra)
  • Display: Display medium to small size (if video is not included)
  • UI/Controls: tactical buttons
  • Type/Design: in-ear monitor (iem)
  • Primary location of use: Daily life, mainly when I am going from home to college or vice-versa (bus) or walking around
I didn't know how to answer a lot of them, so let me add what I am looking for in my on way:

1) Noise isolation: Most of my listening time is on the bus, going from college to home, and it's just hell. The loud sound from the engine when it runs and stop and also the volume from the tv or radio makes it almost impossible to listen to music. I know noise isolation won't solve this problem, but if it can make it better I am already happy.

2) low volume: I like to listen to music at low volumes

3) Music:
I listen to many music genres, but mainly rock and instrumental (orchestra)

4) Budget: 250 - 400 total (both player and phones)

Sorry for any english problems, is not my first language. From the reviews I've read so far I've been thinking on a sansa clip+ and a Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones 112 or a Ultimate Ears Triplefi 10. What are your thoughts?

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