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Default Zune HD Error messages

I keep getting error message saying "Your Zune Pass info needs to be refreshed" and "Item missing or can't be played" So I reformatted it n it was working fine, then next these messages came back. What is wrong with this thing? I sync my zune hd everyday so I don't get it
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yes finally someone with the same prob as me!

Sorry bro nobody has a fix!!!! iv looked everywhere

Btw it only happend when i got into openzdk stuff?
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I don't any openzdk stuff, all my music n apps is from zune
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Do you download the Zune Pass music from your PC and then sync to the Zune?

If I do that, I have the problem ALL THE TIME. Sometimes, I get it every single song.

The "fix" I found, that is pretty cumbersome, is to hook your Zune up to the PC, close out the Zune software, then download the music directly to the Zune. Then it works fine EVERY TIME.

Then, next time you sync, it should copy the music to your collection and it will play fine from the software.

I've tried everything else too, and that's the only way I've found to fix it.
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The only thing I can suggest for you is to be sure to allow all of the things in your sync to complete before adding anything more. So instead of adding one artist, then another, add them at the same time. I'm writing at dinner right now, so if what I said doesn't make sense, post back here or PM me...
- Justin
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