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Help Cant find the answer anywhere

Forgive me if this question is answered already or I am just dence but I cant find it anywhere. I have a ZVM 30GB with the Toshiba drive. Everywhere I look, everyone uses zif adapter with the CF card and nothing about the IDE one that comes with it.

What do I need to do to get a compact flash to work in my zen? The adapter for the toshiba looks like it would fit the CF card fine minus about 10 pins. Do I just use it? I have added a picture and you may notice I already cut the plastic off the adapter that makes it fit the right way. Thanks!

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Ok, so you've modified the hard drive connector, but I don't think it'll work because of the circuits because the connector was made for the toshiba hard drive. Worst case scenario is you'll have to buy another one for a compact flash adapter to work.

You're going to need this adapter like this one so that you can use the compact flash that you bought.

if you're still confused see this image:

You need the adapter because it's the bridge for the port on your ZVM(the ivory part near the hold switch) the hard drive, connector and the compact flash card adapter. This is also the reason why you need a compact flash that is UDMA Mode capable so that it can run in TRUE IDE MODE. The Black part of the adapter connects to the hard drive connector on the ZVM.

Now, this is one way to get the compact flash card running. The other (and more popular) way is to get the ZIF (zero insertion force) hard drive connector and the corresponding adapter for the compact flash card. This is what the other forumers are doing to their ZVMs. However, I don't have an idea where you can get one.

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I found the adapter that Mikkun pictured above at Deal Extreme:

For 3.80$ not bad at all. Ive been looking at some other options and this adapter seems like the best bet, aside from the option.

Just make sure the CF card is UDMA capable!
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