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Default G4Oblivion's Clip+ Build 6548dc2M-160415 (2016-04-15)

G4Oblivion's Clip+ Rockbox Build: 6548dc2M-160415 (2016-04-15)
Based off of Rockbox current git

G4Oblivions's keymap: [CLIP+][6548dc2M-160415]
dfkt's keymap: [CLIP+][6548dc2M-160415][dfkt]
Default Rockbox keymap: [CLIP+][6548dc2M-160415][NoK]

Bootloader: clppa.bin

Patches Included:
g4oblivionkeymap.patch: Changes to the Clip keymap
FS#9305: Context sensitive backlight on keypress
FS#11304: "Audiophile" patch
FS#11473: New bookmarking option: One per track
FS#12596: dfkt's keymap
G#393: Reverse stereo config option
toolchain.patch: Update the arm compiler to GCC 4.4.7 and apply a compatibility fix for newer host compilers

Patch Pack: PatchPack[v5].tar
The patch pack includes all patches used in the build.

Keymap Changes
(only apply to the build using G4Oblivion's keymap):
• Long-Home is now lock/unlock in the WPS
• Short-Power is now Quickscreen in both the tree browser and WPS
• Long-Home is now Return to WPS in tree browser
• Long-Power is now STOP instead of Short-Power in both the tree browser and WPS

Known Issues (only apply to the build using G4Oblivion's keymap):
• Playback is not stopped before shutting down if shutdown from the quickscreen.
• If HOME button is held down too long, it will lock and then unlock.

How to install:
• Extract the contents of the zip archive to the root directory of the player (e.g: E:\.rockbox, E:\clppa.bin)
• Safely remove the device, unplug USB and wait for the firmware update to finish.

For more detailed installation instructions, see the rockbox manual

• Even though the bootloader installation and rockbox itself are tested, there's always a risk of BRICKING your device PERMANENTLY. Some Sansa AMS (m200 v4, C200 v2, Clip v2) have no known method for recovery, so this risk will not go away, even in (if any) future stable releases.
• There's no known user-friendly recovery method for the AMS Sansas, those of them who can be unbricked (not all of them can) need to be physically opened, and they can be potentially damaged in the process.
• Installation of a bootloader may or may not permanently disable DRM support, even if you uninstall it (this might only be true if you change the Date/Time settings).

Looking for an older release?: All previous releases can be found in my MediaFire folder under the Archive folder

Last edited by G4Oblivion; 04-15-2016 at 09:17 AM. Reason: New build after three years :)
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