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Default Switching Between MTP and MSC Modes in Rockbox & OF

So I've been looking at rockboxing my Clip+ for a while, and I'm ready to pull the trigger but I need one last piece of information before I do so.

My car has a USB port in it which I can use to access my music, but I can really only take advantage of the ability to do so (e.g. search music by artists/albums/genres, use playlists, voice recognition, etc.) when my MP3 player is in MTP mode; in MSC, I can only go through every file in order. I know Rockbox doesn't seem to work in MTP mode, so I guess what I want to know is, can I load my music up in MTP mode on the OF, switch to MSC mode when I boot into Rockbox and go out on the town, then switch back into MTP mode from the OF when I want to take my music in the car with me?
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Files copied in MTP mode end up renamed and in a weird folder I think, but they'll probably still be accessible in the Rockbox database.
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