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Default Is the J3 worth buying if I already have an S9?

I am saving up for a Cowon X7, I already have an S9, but it's capacity is not enough for me. I love the sound quality and sound enhancement options on the S9 and I know the X7 and J3 have these.

I have a large music collection that's building all the time. Most of my music is encoded at 192kbps MP3 VBR - ripped with EAC and encoded with LAME. I love the capacity of the X7 but the J3 has memory that you can keep expanding.
This way I can have specific cards for specific stuff, such as a Micro SD card for Flac music, a Micro SD card for movies etc. Not sure if I'll miss the mammoth battery life of the X7 as I charge my S9 every night anyway (had it almost 2 years and battery life seems better than ever, been using it everyday, I love the sound that much!)

If by the time I've saved up, the J3 is in stock and there is no sign of any stock coming in for the X7, will the J3 be worth purchasing instead of the X7 (I won't be selling the S9, I'll be keeping that)?

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Yes but only for the slot.
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Full disclaimer: I don't have any experience with either of these.

That being said, it sounds like if you have the means to do your J3 + a whole bunch of microSDHC cards, do it. It sounds like the J3 is all around much nicer (with a microSD slot, capacitive touch screen, more compact) than the X7. But getting enough microSDHC cards to add up to the 160GB storage of the X7 could get a little pricey. I hear a lot less bad things about th J3 than the X7 in general, too.
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