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Default Manage S9 in Winamp (doesn't show up under devices)

Dear Cowon-fans,

Since I had a computer crash (first since 2006 ) and I installed a new fresh Winamp I cannot manage my Cowon S9 anymore.

I was just so easy. I had my library and just right-click --> send to (O: Cowon). This was how I used to manage my player by Winamp.

But now the player doesn't show up in the list of the devices.

Can anyone help me?

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Does anyone has an idea?
If no, how to clean the list of already recognized devices, so that when I plug in the S9 he will ask again: do you wanna manage this device with winamp.
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I haven't had Winamp installed since 5.58 or so. Then you could configure your devices under Options->Preferences->Portables and then configure the USB Device plug. I needed to do that a few times when I was using my Sony both as a drive a MTP player.

In order to not confuse Winamp I would tell it not to manage a drive and that would blacklist it. When I reconfigured the USB plug in and restarted Winamp it would recognize the player as a drive again as long as it was seen in Windows Explorer.

Once again, it's been a while since I've had Winamp installed and I'm working from memory. However I did it enough times back then to be sure those were the steps I took to get Winamp to see a player again.
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Okay, thank you, That did part of the job. I got it back in Winamp. But.. When I rightclick on a song or album and choose Tranfer to --> T: (in my case my driveletter for the device) nothing happens...

I can sync but that's not what I want. My library is a lot bigger than what I have in my player.

Best regards!
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Did your pc give your device a new drive letter? I haven't used winamp in a long time as I prefer media monkey but I'm just wondering if your computer gave your device a new drive letter and something is screwed up in the configuration of your device?
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