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Default Cowon J3 Playlists and SDHC card problems

I have a 32GB Cowon J3 which include 200 playlists and it all works ok, but as I have a lot of FLAC music tracks I have managed to fill up the memory. Consequently, I have now added a 32GB SDHC memory card but am having problems with the J3’s behaviour.

My latest playlist has 8 tracks on it, 4 of the tracks are on the J3 in the flash memory, and four tracks are on the 32GB SDHC card. However when trying to play the playlist (stored on the J3 main flash memory) it only sees the four tracks on the J3, it does not “see” the 4 tracks on the SDHC card memory. However, the J3 does see all the 8 individual tracks and will play them – so the SDHC memory is recognised.

As a test, I also copied the playlist into the new playlist folder on the SDHC card, and when I looked up the playlist menu on the J3, and as expected it showed both the playlists.
However, when you try and play them the J3 main memory playlist will only show the tracks that are on the J3 main memory, whilst the other playlist (SDHC CARD) will only show the tracks that are on the 32GB SDHC card!!

As The J3 seems to see the tracks as one memory, I cannot understand how the playlists are not working in the same manner?

As a secondary point, when connecting the J3 in MSC mode Windows explorer does not find or list the extra memory and only see the base 32GB of the J3. However, when you take the 32GB memory out of the J3 and load it into a card reader and put the card reader into the USB slot on the PC, then it sees the directory structure and music files............. this what I thought the J3 would do?

Not sure if it is relevant but I am using Windows Vista 64bit Operating system, and although I only use it in MSC mode, and it has not caused any issues with my S9 or J3 (before I added the extra memory) could this be the cause of the problems with the additional memory?

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