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Default Buying J3 (Questions)

Hi all

I'm looking at buying the J3 but have some questions.

1. I read that you can't apply EQ settings to songs or albums. Has anyone heard if Cowon are planning to add that feature in the future? I don't see the point of having all these presets if you've got to change them every time a different style of music comes on.

2. Is there another way to browse in album view than just via the art wall? It seems a bit cumbersome. I've got a Zune, albeit a broken one at the minute and it couples the album art with the title of the album. Scrolling through is quick and easy. I've watched people scroll through the album art on YouTube and it seems like it would take forever to reach albums further down the list.

3. I also read that the BBC iPlayer feature isn't working correctly. Is that right - has anyone had any problems? Sounds like a great feature and something I'd use a lot.

4. A bit of a random one this but has anyone tried adding guitar tabs as text files - how do they look in the document browser? Or if not tabs, how is the document browser?

5. Anyone heard if they're planning to separate out podcasts and audiobooks so they don't appear in random play?

Many thanks.
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