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Default MEElectronics A151 Review

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Good review (and great photos) as always. I am going to have to give my A151 some more listening, but I cannot say I really disagree with anything you said so far. The bass is a little light for my taste--at least when listening to rock, it is just right for strings though. I did not hardly notice the mids until I popped my Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 in this afternoon after using the A151 exclusively for a few days and was taken aback at how recessed they sound in comparison. I was afraid the treble would be boring since it is so soft and non-fatiguing, but much to my surprise the clarity and energy of the A151 keep it quite entertaining. I was a little disappointed in the sound stage and instrument separation, but then I am use to the TF10 which is so massive it is down right artificial sounding. Sadly, I do not find the A151 as comfortable as you do. The "leg" pushes against the back of my ear which makes them uncomfortable to wear for a long periods of time. (Clearly due to having small ears, not a defect of the earphones.) It finally dawned on me what the cable reminds me of, a yoyo string. I am pretty sure the A151 cable could double as a yoyo string--not that I plan on trying it. I will be curious to see how the cable holds up in the long-run though, since as you noted it does seen to be a little thin and light weight. (Good or bad? Only time will tell.) Lastly, Amazon and have had the A151 as low as $49.99 shipped. At that price point the A151 is hard to beat.
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Fantastic review WG!!! I always knew you should be doing reviews,...
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