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Old 05-06-2011, 05:04 AM
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Wink Fuze, jammed or not? stuck in "Writing" when connected to computer.

I have an 8 Gbyte fuze.

When it is plugged into the computer it is stuck on "Writing".
After I unplug it stays that way. I cant turn it off - tried with righthand slider or tiny button on front.
After a while it runs out of juice and will start up normally and turn off. I can go thru the menus.

I want to install rockbox.

I cant see how I can do that.

I'd really appreciate some competent input.

Thanks so...
edit: I read the faq and especially noted two things.
1) re fuze doing AVI and MP3 files. I loaded a(n) avi file. It didnt play. (right or wrong I got the idea that it only understood some unusual format and I would have to go into Windows and convert to that format. I am unwilling to do that.
2) I read this"Firmware: Abbreviated as FW or fw, firmware is the software installed on your player's circuit board. It is separate from the data that goes in your player's flash memory or hard drive. Think of Firmware as the Operating System for your players, e.g. Windows, Win7, Vista, MacOS, Linux, etc. for your computer. More information here."
This was good to find out but let me ask some questions to check my understanding: I want to install Rockbox. As I understand it what Rockbox will do is update the firmware. That is what installing Rockbox means.
==> Will Rockbox also install programs? (Does the fuze come with any programs or is everything I see now "part of the firmware.")

points: 1, 2, 3, 4
1) To me the fuze (or its operating system) had one enormous fail. After I record an audio track I can only replay it from the beginning or the track, or hour long lecture. The lost $20 coby mp3 player/recorder that it was replacing could.

2) The record volume and playback was much lower than the coby.

3) This combined with the inability to play an avi video file left me with a dust-gathering useless fuse.

4) I hope that Rockbox will change these 3 points.

near the pacific ocean
Los Angeles

PS I have had to sign in 3 times in one session. Yes I have cookies enabled. Yes other sites stay logged in.

Last edited by ocean26; 05-06-2011 at 06:00 AM. Reason: more info for clarity after reading FAQ.
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fuze, stuck

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