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Help Stability Decision - J3 or D2+

Had been enjoying the D2+ 16Gb except when it loses all tags to Unknown - third time in a year has me worried especially after a big clean out with FAT32, upgraded firmware and cautious upload of music (ie checking MP3 tags - but you never know if a "dirty" one gets through hidden somewhere). I will pursue another check of tags (with mp3tag as recommended elsewhere) but will this also overcome the unit randomly just dropping out every blue moon? My confidence is waning with the D2+ stability but love its audio features and relatively compact size. Probably just want money back - but still prefer Cowon's superior SQ so should I look at the J3, X7? Or another D2+? On the other hand, is the D2+ at the end of its product life with the new C2 release in Korea? Any help to make a stable decision.
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Thinking about: why D2+ not stable
Need to get out from under the bonnet of my Cowon MP3 - maybe Clip+
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